Essential Oils

A friend saw my essential oils collection and gasped !!! I have essential oils everywhere in my home and we use oils

Why do I need essential oils, you may ask…….This story might highlight how oils can help with day to day living.

One of my customers struggled with energy in the afternoon. She had two kids and a full time job. Needless to say, she had a lot on her plate. When she came to me for help she looked haggard. Her kids were sick a lot during the winter time and she had missed work and was struggling every day.

She got her starter kit, I educated her on how she could use oils like Peppermint and Lemon for energy and what she could use for stress. She started drinking NingXia Red every day. Within a month her energy increased, she was less stressed and she felt more empowered with her kids health.

Every family MUST have essential oils in their home. It is my secret sauce to living a healthy life – mind, body and spirit. And I share this secret sauce very generously ūüôā


What’s in your starter kit? It has twelve different oils / blends and a diffuser and some super amazing goodies that will make non toxic lifestyle a breeze.

My oily website has everything that you need to know the Starter kit and more.

I love running the diffuser at night in all our bedrooms for a good nights rest.

Essential oils are easy, plant based resources available for us to help with not only day to day stuff, but also support the deeper healing process.

Everyone is talking about essential oils,¬†right?¬†They¬†are¬†everywhere….

Yes, they have become very popular recently but they have been around for ages. Think Baby Jesus, Frankincense and Myrrh…..

Here is the thing, the uses of essential oils are numerous.

They can be used to
~ support the immune system,
~ help us sleep,
~ balance hormones,
~ in my chemical free / toxin free cleaners,
~ and even my soaps and shampoos.

Why soaps and shampoos? The skin is the largest organ and will absorb everything that it comes in contact with.

Since our very challenging health issues in the past, I am very particular about what comes into my home. Essential oils are great alternatives to creating a harsh chemical free home.

I am very passionate about sharing that knowledge because I don’t want any family to go through what my husband and I went through.

Seriously, using essential oils is the easiest way to create a toxin free home and life.

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I was very intentional and did lots of research before I chose Young Living for our home and to partner with them ….. They uphold the same standards I have for health and wellness. I will only use the most pure and pristine products for our family and they meet those expectations.

I fell in love with Young Living essential oils when I was pregnant with my son. Now, it is just a part of our daily life.

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The power of a community is exponential when it comes to support and growth. It is one of the biggest perks. So, join our essential oils family and become a part of a larger movement of creating a non- toxic lifestyle.

11/15/2018 — The first S1TM/MOC (Future) Business Owners Sip and Shop at ONCE in Somerville, Mass., Nov. 15, 2018. (Photo by Emily Z. Fortier/Zilmography)

Our community consists of mothers, teachers, doctors, acupuncturists, health care professionals, therapists, small business owners, hair stylists, and massage therapists.

So, you are ready to start and join this revolution…Where do you begin?

Simple answer… Premium Starter Kit. It is the easiest foundational solution to getting started with essential oils. Ready to get your oils? Click here.¬†

Want to learn more about what is in the Premium Starter Kit? My oily website has everything that you need to know the Starter kit and more.

Want to hear what people have to say about essential oils and Young Living?

“My biggest win with Young Living has been with NingXia Red. I was having a few days of depression each month related to my cycle and since drinking NingXia Red I haven’t had any more of that depression.” Rebecca B

“I’ve been giving my son Mightypro – Young Living’s probiotics and really think it helps with healthy digestion. As his¬†💩💩💩¬†proves it hahaha” Divya G

“Raven and RC have saved me so much sleep last couple of days. My husband is traveling and my toddler has the sniffles. These two essential oils have helped her sleep because it has helped her breathe better” PV


“This time of year as the seasons change I‚Äôm reminded of how we wash our hands more often and how important it is that i carry Thieves foaming hand soap with us wherever we go! I also just got my new bottle of lavender body lotion to add extra support for our skin:) that bottle lasts us a whole year!” Angela F

“I have been using valerian on my feet and vetiver in my temples for those nights when I am tired and want to sleep. It does it magic. Feel so refreshed in the morning.” SS

This is just a few testimonies from our ‘oily group”

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