Hey there… I am a visionary and dreamer and have always marched to my own tunes. Showing others how to be trend setters in their lives is just fun and exciting.

I was born in 1976 in ‘Bombay’, India. Home remedies were just part of daily living. So, when I became deathly ill in my 20’s, I turned to alternate plant based medicines after all else failed. That, along with my hubs cancer diagnosis was the turning point in our life.

The silver lining from those very difficult life experiences in 1999 ago is what led to our current life of living a non toxic lifestyle. I consider my life the biggest miracle of all. I seriously couldn’t do life without my hubs. Our daughter Anaya rules our home and life. She is the best representation of how small packages can have no bearing on how big your personality can be. Our son Anish favorite word is ‘dada’ summarizing what a fabulous dad my hubs is.

I LOVE inspiring and teaching busy moms to remove toxins from the mind, body and environment using essential oils, meditation. In my work, I weave in my 20 years of experience as a Psychotherapist….. Seriously, this mind stuff is the root of all things and is still my jam.

Fun facts

” Can you tell who the boss of our house is?”