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Hi, I’m Padma Ali!

Hi, I’m Padma Ali. I help Evolved Entrepreneurs and High Performance Leaders discover their personal success formula to increase their business profits & personal evolution.  I guide my clients to tap into their inner wisdom, learn how to take aligned actions, and help them uncover and remove the energetic blueprints. Through my unique coaching and guidance, I help you evolve your personal success formula that leads to your evolutionary transformation.

I carry over 20+ years of experience as a licensed Psychotherapist, I’m a Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist & NLP Practitioner, plus I’ve also trained extensively in traditional and non-traditional modalities, including Energy Healing. I’m dedicated to helping evolved entrepreneurs and high-performance executives like you discover your personal success formula to not only expand your personal growth but also to guide you to reach new levels of spiritual awakening. In addition, I help you use your inner guidance and intuition to increase business profits by removing invisible barriers such as negative thoughts patterns, habits, and energetic blueprints that are keeping you from living a more fulfilling life.

“Aligned Actions = Powerful Results”

– Padma Ali

Tap into your inner wisdom, unlock your personal success, and evolve your life and business.

3 Ways to Begin to Evolve Into A N.E.W. You!

60-minute Breakthrough Session

These transformational calls are transformative. Not only are we going to review your struggles and identify what is holding you back, but I will walk you through my unique process of clearing beliefs from its roots. You will leave with clear actionable steps on how to reach your goals.

a new you – 3 month program

Let us journey together for the next 3 months and allow me to guide through your next evolvement in your life and business. We will dive deep and I will help you  keep yourself accountable  to your personal success. I will walk you through my N.E.W You blueprint formula that will have you reaching new heights of success in life! 


Using different modalities like Human Design, Positive Intelligence, Energy Alignment and Healing, I’ve sucessfully helped teams become more aligned with one another. I’ve helped them create impact whether it’s revenue, work environement, and reach new business profit milestones as a enegetic collective.



*Your Breakthrough Session fee will be applied towards any program we decide works best for you.

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Listen and subscribe to Create Your Vibrant Life Podcast. This podcast is for you if you’re ready to tap into your inner wisdom, unlock your personal success, and evolve your life and business  Padma Ali is well known in the field of Psychology who has built a successful coaching practice. After you subscribe to the podcast, you will get a mix of self discovery processes, vibrant interviews, & Padma’s inner wisdom that will help you finally be  be the creator of your destiny and evolve to Create Your Vibrant Life using Neurospsychology, Energy Healing, and Wisdom. 





Radical Shifts for Powerful Evolved Leaders

” I didn’t care how much Padma charged me. I just knew that I wanted to work with her and I was ready to evolve.”
Mary Lou R.
entrepreneur, brain training expert

“Before I met Padma I was stuck in a place of self-judgment, low self esteem and in fear of making a big life change. A friend of mine referred Padma to me at exactly the right time. When we talked for the first time, I immediately connected with her and knew she was exactly what I needed to move forward. Padma is amazing and gives you so many tools to help shift your thinking and change your mindset away from the old stories you have created that no longer serve you. Today, I still have my struggles but I am now equipped to recognize and shift out of the negative thoughts to a place of love, peace and joy. I now value myself more and have stopped self-destructive habits replacing them with radical love and appreciation. If you feel stuck and are thinking about working with Padma, stop reading this and contact her now. Your life will change in amazing ways!”

~ Kristine Johnston, Health and Life Coach

“Padma has such a unique in removing the traumas that keep achieving what you want in all areas of your life”
carolina B.
certified NGH hypnotist

“…Padma is an exemplar of pursuing and living one’s dharma. She operates with an authentic sense of synchronicity and alignment – and guided by her deep connection to source and her intuitive knowledge, serves her clients with utmost sincerity and compassion. The sessions with Padma have paved a path for me to seamlessly unravel the shroud of uncertainty and angst related to the intersection of purpose and passion. Her serenity and ability to deeply connect with, listen to, and guide her clients through their personal journeys of self-discovery with the tools of energy medicine and neuropsychology, make Padma a truly unique practitioner…”

~ Ramani Varanasi, Senior Biopharma Executive

“This has been this best investment I have ever made. I learn how to implement self-care and understand how important it was”
barbara S.
evolved leader

“I had reached a point where I was working too hard. I knew regular coaching wasn’t going to help me make the shifts I needed ”
Sri g.
business owner, corporate executive

“Working with Padma has helped expand in my life and in my business. She helped release some blocks I was having in business”
cindy b.
sacred intuitive guide, certified hypnotist & ec practioner

“Together we went into deep dive of healing some deep things that I’ve probably been carrying for so long. The process felt easy!”

“Working with Padma was very effective. I’m able to look at things and problems in a less emotionally destressed way!”
evolved leader

” We’ worked on my limited beliefs, blocks, and cleared things from the past that I didn’t even know where affecting me in life.”
evolved leader

“Working with Padma has helped expand in my life and in my business. She helped release some blocks I was having in business”
Jen S.
empowering coach, body movement expert, entrepreneur

“Together we went into deep dive of healing some deep things that I’ve probably been carrying for so long. The process felt easy!”
Sara I.
yoga mentor, Autism parenting consultant, entrepreneur