2 Pillars to Get you Through this Time of Crisis

High performing women, if you’re feeling anxious about your job or the future, this is for you. We are dealing with 2 crises, the health aspect – the virus itself, and the second one, which I think is more prevalent, is that of FEAR, anxiety and worry. Especially about your jobs, money, etc.

I was talking to a friend in a fortune 500 company and they are already getting ready to lay off people. So many people in the restaurant industry are also out of work. Yes, I agree there is a crisis.

Most people, what they do is go into fear, go into hoarding, go into panic. If that’s you, listen up.

This will not help your immune system. Fear, anxiety, stress weakens your immune system.
Here’s the important part – but if you are struggling with fear, anxiety, worry – chances are this is how you normally react to situations outside your control.

This is an opportunity to wake up, to wake up to your true self, beyond these shackles. The universe is providing us an opportunity, we might not like it, but it’s here for us. To gain freedom.

Ok, so what do we do? Listen carefully, I am going to share with you 2 pillars that will help you focus on coping with this. When you apply this to your life, you will notice what this does for most of my clients. They go from worry to being resourceful. They go from overwhelm to taking intuitive actions that give them results. They go from fear to trust. The women I work with are seeking freedom. They want to feel free inside and outside and they get it.

So, let’s do this. Are you ready for this?

The 1st pillar is Acceptance.
Acceptance means learning to accept your situation without the resistance. Think about it, have you noticed how most of our suffering comes from fighting what is? What you resist will persist.

So, what if you leaned into accepting that this is what is happening? Because when you come to peace with it, so many more solutions will open up. You will get resourceful. You will find a way to figure it out. Haven’t you seen how nothing in your life has stayed just like that? Even the most difficult situations have passed, haven’t they?

Breathe. Take a deep breath and say “this too shall pass.” What can I learn from this situation? When you accept, you will also start to tap into gratitude. Gratitude changes the vibration. It changes our frequency which means we can attract other possibilities into our life.
So, just for a minute before we go on to the next pillar, take a minute and think about what you are grateful for. To give you a perspective, there are still workers who are working in the grocery store. If you are reading this, then you likely have a roof over your head.

The second pillar is Surrender. 
Before you get up in arms about surrender – I have had some people comment that surrender is like giving up, like in a battle.

I am not talking about that. I am referring to surrendering to the divine plan, to universal plan. Everything is in divine order. I heard the birds chirping this morning. They are doing their thing according to the spring. The sun rises and the sun sets.

This is about learning to say “what can I truly control now?” The answer is nothing other than your mind.

You can control how you think and feel. It’s about leaning into: “allowing” things to happen.

You have kids at home, you probably still have deadlines – do the best you can. Be loving and kind to yourself. Be loving and kind to others.

Now is a time to give. Give what you can. It’s not a time to hoard, especially TP.

Lean into trust. Lean into ancient wisdom

Lean into your community. So many amazing things are happening. My community has stepped up.

It’s time to wake up.

How do you do this? By reminding yourself that the brain is programmed to respond this way. All you need to do is go beyond this and choose a different reaction, a different feeling. I do inner self work with my clients, including hypnosis and healing work, to release this once and for all.

Here’s the bottom line. Like I mentioned in the beginning, you probably have always dealt with these emotions in times of crisis. Here’s an opportunity to use these pillars. I go into depth in my 16 week one on one coaching program.

Ultimately, we are all seeking freedom and we can get there. You get to choose whether to use this opportunity, or life will provide you another opportunity. You choose.

Many of you have reached out asking how to work with me. I have very limited slots available for doing one on one work. Just for this time, I am going to offer a 6 week group program where we will work on getting rid of these shackles and get you the freedom you seek. Because so many folks have been asking me as they can’t invest in one on one coaching with me right now.

I will do it if there are 10 people interested in this. If you’re interested, please get on a call with me. This program is only if we are all a good match. I want to chat with your first to make sure that this would work.