3 Simple Steps to Deal with Internal Chaos

I am seeing that things are beginning to settle down, but still notice that there is chaos, fear, hoarding of money and resources. There may not be as much hoarding of TP or food at this point, but there still is of many resources because of the unknown. That’s what I am going to address today – some steps to deal with the internal chaos.

I am going to start with the question that you least expect me to ask:

“What makes you think that you’re dealing with chaos?” I am not talking about the external world. I am inviting you to look inwards. What makes you think that you’re dealing with chaos on the inside? You can substitute that with overwhelm, fear, anxiety or worry.

Eventually, as you sit with this question, you will begin to see that it feels that way because of your past experiences. Meaning, your brain has concluded this because it’s associating what you’re facing as chaos, fear, overwhelm, etc., because of past experiences. It has nothing to do with the present. If you take the present moment (minus the interpretations of the thoughts about the future) then what do you think is left?

Why am I going down this path?

I will tell you why. My hope is you can see that there is still some part of you stuck in the past. So, it’s going into survival mode. When it goes into survival, it goes into fight or flight reaction. Then, it keeps you trapped because you can’t think clearly about the next steps. After that, it makes you resort to old patterns that no longer serve you, and you stay stuck in your cycle.

When most people realize this, they try to change their behavior. Maybe they apply for more jobs, or spend hours cleaning, or try to get organized to do the things they need to do – they go into busy mode. Basically – work, work, work – with no results.


Because underneath that work, the feelings and beliefs are old, which have not worked in the first place.

So, what can you do?

I am going to give you a few steps.

  • Pick up your journal and start writing!

What is underneath the chaos (the overwhelm) that you’re feeling?
What’s the story that you are telling yourself?

It will help you identify beliefs that are no longer serving you – approach it from the brain side.

How does this manifest on the outside?
What behaviors do you notice?
Are you refusing to spend on resources that you know will help you?
Are you hoarding?
Are you being short and annoyed with your kids?

  • Limit your exposure to the news. Trust that whatever info you need will come. I haven’t read or listened to any news in a long time. I refuse to do so.
  • Invest in resources that will get you ahead, don’t get into worry mode. I get this, but think about this – “If you continuously evaluate everything in your life based on whether you can afford it, aren’t you keeping yourself broke?” Isn’t it important to invest in things that will get you ahead of the game rather than worrying about money because you are fearful?

Guys, I just invested in a coach, an online program and someone to do my website, because I know that this will help me reach a lot more people. I am focusing on my mission and my vision for life.

I am going to leave you with this statement:

“You can either be committed to your stuckness or to your success – you can’t have both.”

They cannot exist together.

What will you stay committed to? Share with me in the comments, or schedule a complimentary one-on-one call with me to continue this conversation…