A Powerful Formula To Shift Stressful Thoughts

I used to live in a state of complete stress. It would show up as anxiety, worry. Those days, I would wake up every day with this panicky feeling in the pit of my stomach. 


Can you relate? It’s an awful feeling isn’t it? 


Many days, I couldn’t even pinpoint why I was stressed or anxious. If you’re feeling that way, especially around the holidays, you’re not alone. 


Did you know that 3 out of 4 Americans report being stressed everyday. 


Ooof!!! Stress. The number one cause of physical and mental health issues. 


However, have you fully realized that feeling stressed is a choice? I bet not. Are you giving me the “what are you talking about” look? 


I invite you to stay with this because once you get this, you will feel so empowered. 


Let me ask you this – what happens right before you realize that you have been hijacked by stress feelings? 




Yes, that’s right, thoughts precede stress. A minute before you weren’t stressed and now you. Why? You have been hijacked by stressful thoughts. Stress thoughts are often about the future and possible failure, isn’t it? 


Ready for the powerful formula that will change the way you see stress? 


Change your stress thoughts to empowering thoughts. 


Instead of saying “ What if this fails” ( which causes you anxiety) say “ What if this succeeds”. Can you imagine how that would feel? 

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