Are You Fueling Stress or Are You Practicing Freedom?

Are You Fueling Stress, or Are You Practicing Freedom?

The fact that the topic grabbed your attention tells me that you no longer want to be consumed by stress. By the way, did you know that 8 out of 10 Americans report being under stress 


I am going to help you learn three steps to convert stress to freedom & increase productivity.. 


Harvard Medical School quotes “Chronic stress can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease. It can dampen the immune system, increasing susceptibility to colds and other common infections. It can contribute to asthma, digestive disorders, cancer, and other health problems. New research even supports the notion that high levels of stress somehow speed up the aging process” 


Nobody wants this kind of spiral, right !!! 


But, the good news is that stress, anxiety & fear are all functions of the limbic brain. The bad news – It comes down to one word HABIT, which takes time and effort to break. 


You may already know that the ‘reptilian brain’ creates the fight or flight response when there is ‘real’ or ‘perceived danger’. It’s automatic. 


To change the automatic reaction of the brain, we simply have to change the neural pathways in the brain.


To change the automatic reaction of the brain, we simply have to change the neural pathways in the brain. If your eyes are glazing, stay with me a tad bit longer. I will explain. 


Imagine the neural pathways as a hiking trail. Due to high traffic on the trail, the path is well defined from the rest of the wilderness. Now, imagine that the people walking are the stress / anxiety neurons firing. The moment there’s a cue from the outside, the neurons start firing because it’s their job. As you may have already guessed, it’s a well used path.


To change the outcome of stress and anxiety, all we need to do is stop those neurons from firing and create different neural pathways that will create a sense of peace and wellbeing. 


It’s easy to see how this is the best part,  isn’t it!! 


However, the stress and anxiety neurons are often habit driven. They act on cue – whether a car is about to hit you ( real danger)  or there’s a presentation at work  – these neurons will fire the same way. They are completely driven by habit similar to brushing your teeth.


Until the patterns are broken the stress neurons will continue to fire. Consider that !!!


Are you already realizing how awareness is the key to change ?


These two of the three main pillars in my work with my clients ( identifying and changing the neural pathways and using wisdom to take actions to break the habits)  are the ones that create sustainable change.


I could tell you how powerful this work is, but I will not. I will let you discover it for yourself. 


...committing to living in peace is the best thing to do for yourself.


You’re ready for the 3 steps to freedom, aren’t you !!


  1. Breathing – you may not realize the power of breath in creating a sense of peace and wellbeing until you do it. I often recommend Nadishodhana pranayama, an ancient breathing technique meant to calm the nerves. This is a sure way to interrupt the patterns. The key is remembering to use it. Habits may be hard to break.


  2. Challenging old beliefs and paradigms“I used to think that anxiety was just a part of me until I used Padma’s N.E.W You Blueprint to change my root cause of anxiety” ~ B.K.

    This is a quote from one of my clients. Are you realizing already that transforming beliefs is vital to change, it’s like taking a tree down from the roots. It will stop growing, won’t it !!


  3. Commitment  – Eventually, you will realize that committing to living in peace is the best thing to do for yourself. Making a commitment to not indulge in stress / anxiety and that includes not talking about it when you’re upset about something.

    Why!!! The more we give attention to something, the more the neural pathways get reinforced. Sooner or later, you will have to decide what’s more important to you “ Living a life of Stress or Choosing a life of Freedom” . It starts with commitment, doesn’t it !!!



I want to leave you with this. 


Imagine waking up in the morning feeling peaceful and ready to face your work day. You go through your day tapping into your inner resource, knowing that you will find what you need no matter what comes your way. Your creativity increases, you get more done in your day. There’s just an absolute sense of peace.


You bask in the long term effect of making the income you desire, having more time with important things like family. Life just feels peaceful. 


Yes, this is possible when you do the inner work. Have you fully considered that the more peaceful you feel, the more freedom you feel. Freedom is the ultimate outcome isn’t it !!


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