Are You Stretching Beyond Your Comfort Zone?

A couple of weeks ago my 7 year old son asked me a question.


He asked “ Mama, do you love me more than you love yourself?” I was a bit taken aback by that question as it came out of the blue.


I pondered for a minute on how to answer that question. 


I decided to be honest and said “ I love me more than I love anyone else AND I will absolutely give my life up for protecting you if it ever comes to that.” 


He looked at me and asked “You mean if it comes to you dying to protect me, you would do that.”


I said “Yes, absolutely.” 


We talked a bit more about what prompted that question but to be honest, my answer surprised me more than it surprised him. . Because this is not what I would have said a few years back.


I was the epitome of putting everyone else’s needs ahead of mine. What it came down to was lack of self love and self worth. 


As I often say to my clients, I am on the same journey as they are.


May be a few steps ahead but I am constantly challenging myself to grow more and more – way beyond my comfort zone.


Often, I notice that people stop when they hit that sweet plateau.


But imagine, what more freedom is possible when you continue to expand beyond that plateau. 


I personally have been working with my coach for years as transformation has no limits, right? 


He challenges me to stretch well beyond my comfort zone.


I will be the first to admit that it is not always comfortable but it is worth it.


And this conversation with my child is one of the best examples.


In that moment, I taught him that to value, love and honor yourself is the most important thing.


I conveyed that life is choice ( not a choice, but life is choice) .


I taught him honesty even if it could have the potential to hurt someone’s feelings. 


I have come a long way from being a sacrificial lamb wanting to win everyone’s love, affection in the hopes of belonging TO standing in my own power. 


What’s possible for me and my clients is possible for you too. 


It starts with just one single step of saying NO to your current circumstances and CHOOSING to live from possibilities.


After reading this, you’re probably realizing that any  limitation is just the limitation set by our brain.


We have the potential to overcome it, don’t we? 


If you’re the type of person who wants more from life, who wants to live a life of freedom, discover who you truly are, then whatever you do, sign up for a 90 min transformational call with me.


In this session, we will work on one thing that is holding you back, including clearing it energetically so you can have clarity on what’s stopping you from living your fullest potential.


As always, I welcome questions and thoughts.


I love hearing from you.