Are Your Emotions Keeping You Stuck?

How are you feeling today?


When was the last time you checked in to see how you’re feeling.


Most people either ignore their feelings or feel like they have no control over their feelings. 


In fact, I often recommend to my clients to shift out of negative emotions as quickly as possible.


During our session, we use emotions as a compass.


However, when they are on their own, I invite my clients to not give it so much importance. 


If you’re surprised by this, I invite you to read on because you’re going to be blown away when you realize how much your life is affected because of negative emotions. 


Emotions have the ability to create or mis-create in your life.


Consider that !

Let me ask you, What actions follow when you’re happy and joyful?


What actions follow when you’re angry, sad, frustrated, bitter?


Take a minute to reflect on that. 


Powerful isn’t it? 


So, does this mean you have to ignore those emotions.


Absolutely not….. When we push something away or ignore it, it is bound to come back, is it not? What I am inviting you to do is to move the emotion because…


Emotion = Energy In Motion


It’s vital that you move the energy.


The problem is not emotion.


In fact, It’s not really a matter of the emotion, it’s really a matter of the stuck emotion.


If emotion is just energy, it will get stuck in your system.


Stuck, unprocessed emotion is the real problem, is it not?

Let me give you an example.


Say your boss says something that triggers you and you get annoyed.


You come back home to find your home in a complete state of disarray.


You find yourself getting more annoyed, more frustrated, the pressure continues to build.


Something that you might have had more tolerance for now triggers you.


Then your mom calls and you find yourself getting even more angry.


If you trace it back, it started with the unprocessed emotion at work.

In my latest podcast Episode 59 – How To Shift Your Emotions To Accomplish Success, I give you strategies on how to shift the emotions without getting stuck in it. 

The key is to move the emotion. You don’t have to go digging into the emotion.


Just acknowledge and use some of the strategies I have recommended in the podcast episode.


You don’t have to take my word for it, do it and see the power of shifting your emotions for yourself.


Whether you’re in a good place and want to deepen your transformation or struggling to find clarity in your life, I invite you to reach out to me to see we are a good fit to work together.


I have one opening in May for long term work and I have limited openings for one time 90 min transformation work.