Do You Want Freedom from the Discomfort of Feeling Triggered?

Do you want freedom from the discomfort of feeling triggered?

As I talk with my clients and my friends, I noticed a common theme that keeps coming up with the lock down still in place.

Everyone seems to be getting triggered.

The pandemic, the uncertainty, the frustration of having to be home, the overwhelm from suddenly having to be the mom and the teacher all at the same time … everyone is reacting in different ways, but the bottom line is, this situation is triggering past trauma and bringing up old emotions. I get it, totally 100% get it. 

AND, I have a different perspective. 

triggers can really be empowering

You may or may not have noticed that many coaches paint triggers as a negative thing, I’d love to flip the way you view them because triggers can really be empowering. 

I actually love being triggered. 

I’m not joking.  

Have you ever thought about triggers as a gift? Let me tell you why!!! They show us what’s actually going on and what needs to be faced. 

Sooner or later, you will notice that trigger means you’re aware of the thing you need to work with. Now, you might ask me, why??? Why do I need to work with it, Padma, I don’t want to. Well, you’re right, you don’t have to do anything !! But the fact that you’re reading this tells me that you want to get freedom from the discomfort of feeling triggered. 

You can stick to your old patterns, but why ?? Why not use this as an opportunity to shed the old ways that aren’t working anymore.

Now, Isn’t that amazing? Think about how you will feel when the trigger doesn’t bother you anymore. 

I want to share some ways of dealing with the trigger. Here’s how….

The next time you find yourself feeling triggered, thank the trigger.

Express gratitude for the lesson, and then work with it. Take the time to dig deeper into what is coming up so you can get to know yourself on a more conscious level. 

Because the reality is, everything is and will always be okay. 

Life is exactly where it’s supposed to be. Every trigger, every difficult emotion is an opportunity; an opportunity for freedom. 

there is a bigger picture for everything

When you feel yourself getting triggered, ask yourself, what is coming up for me? 

What do I need to work on that is related to this situation? 

And also look at the big picture. You can ask yourself, what is the bigger goal in it for me?

Why is this happening FOR me? 

If you’re not fully convinced that triggers are a good thing, that’s ok, go ahead, use the method I suggested above, use them and convince yourself. 

There is a bigger picture for everything. The day to day things that come up, our triggers, they are just there for some greater lesson. Our job is to move through it, learn from it and just trust that something bigger is coming and to believe that everything will be okay.

I just want to encourage you to love your triggers. Take the time to understand them instead of wallowing in them. 

What are you doing to deal with your triggers? Share with me in the comments!







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