Want to be your own boss AND earn additional income?

Do you love helping others?

Maybe you want to pay for that handbag you have been eyeing for months or your child’s music class?

Maybe you just want to get your investment in essential oils paid for every month..

Starting YOUR business with our team might be the solution you were looking for.

I am here to help you every step of the way.

I want to share with you the simple strategies I took to take control of my time with a small investment.

This business has given me freedom that my Psychotherapy practice didn’t.

It can give YOU the freedom too IF that is what you want.


I am offering to be your guide through this process


When I saw the vision of what Young Living business can do for my family, I knew that Padma was the best fit as she not only brings in love and compassion but also fierceness in holding my vision. She keeps pushing me to reach my highest potential. I also love that she brings in her years of Psychotherapy and Life coaching skills to the mix. I am so grateful for Padma and Young Living “

Amalia M



~ Be challenged to grow
~ Successfully incorporate your current skills into growing your Young Living business.
~ Be a part of an amazing community of people who will support you and rally with you
~ Add an additional income stream to your life (which could become your primary income stream)
~ Work through your blocks and be the successful entrepreneur that you were meant to be
~ Learn proven marketing tactics
~ Have access to an amazing community / team of like minded people who are your biggest cheer leaders. 
~ Have access to me as your mentor




Educating about wellness at a local event

What I love about working with Padma is that she mentors me in more than just how to build a business. She truly cares about my personal growth, and my mental, emotional, and spiritual centers are nourished from our work together. Her knowledge and experience around branding, networking, and business acumen round her out to be a true gem.

Kathy F


This opportunity is for YOU if:

~ You are ready to live your best life
~ Ready to face your inner and outer world and gain freedom

~ Want a community of amazing like minded people
~ Hustle without the hustle
~ Have fun on this journey


This opportunity is NOT
~ A hobby
A pyramid scheme
A scam


Why Partner with Young Living?

I chose Young Living very intentionally after doing a lot of research. I chose to partner with a company that has the same standards and expectations as I do. I use the most pristine products on my family and found a company that had the same standards.

It has also given me access to starting a home based business.


Here are some reasons of why join us and partner with Young Living…

With a Young Living Business You can:

  • Get your products paid for

  • Be your own boss

  • Work when and where you want to

  • Work alongside an amazing community of leaders and entrepreneurs

  • Earn an income that is a direct result of your own efforts and hard work

If you are passionate, team spirited, motivated, and looking to make a real change towards financial freedom, our community welcomes you!

We have all the resources and tools you need to start growing your very own Young Living Essential Oil business. Plus we provide one-on-one coaching, ongoing trainings and education, and best of all, a vast community of support and friendship.

We equip each of our new members with resources and tools plus hours of personal training, mentorship, and guidance.


So how much can you actually earn in a Young Living Business?

How much you earn in your Young Living business is entirely up to you. Some members are content to earn a few extra hundred dollars a month, while others are looking to earn six-figure incomes.

Both are possible with a Young Living business, because it’s an opportunity that rewards you for your own efforts and energy.

See more with Young Living’s Income Disclosure.


Tools and Resources

The following resources and tools are provided to all of our members for FREE:

  • 30-Day Online Bootcamp to get your business started

  • One-one-one coaching with your sponsor and other leaders

  • Online community support groups just for our team business builders

  • Our digital team file folder with scripts, graphics, documents, and so much more

  • Logo for your branding use (or you are free to create your own branding)

  • Ongoing business trainings through webinars, videos, community groups, and more

Padma is so compassionate, grace-filled and wise.  She invites you to follow your intuition in what YOUR needs are in learning with the oils and teaches you how to incorporate them into your life.  For the first time, it’s not like I’m doing that “one more thing.” It’s this instead: I’m invited to live, breathe and grow in ways I only dreamed of with an amazing mentor to support and guide me.  

And as I do, I invite other women to live in with a greater sense of vitality and joy than they have ever known. This is how Padma is teaching me to let the magic of the oils heal and expand life within me and others.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? – Kristina J


With your own Young Living business, you never have to wait for a raise or look for a better job to get ahead in life.

All you need to start this journey is with a small investment of the Premium Starter Kit Every top earner has started with this AND a dream to make their lives better. You can too.


Unlike many other home-based businesses, Young Living provides a no-strings attached opportunity that is accessible to all!

When you build a business with Young Living you are NEVER required to stock up on product, reach a quota, or move at a certain speed.

There’s no membership fees or mandatory quotas to read. You can do this business at your own pace, and on your terms.

11/15/2018 -- The first S1TM/MOC (Future) Business Owners Sip and Shop at ONCE in Somerville, Mass., Nov. 15, 2018. (Photo by Emily Z. Fortier/Zilmography)