Everything You Want Is On The Other Side Of Fear...

“Fear Is The Idleness Of Will” ~ Eliphas Levi


This phrase has been a game changer for me. Fear is survival based, created by the reptilian brain to keep you safe. When you fully realize that, you have the potential to change your actions, do you not? 


Let me take you a bit further. Where in your life are you not doing what you want to do? In other words, where in your life are you feeling dissatisfied? That will show you where you are giving in to conscious or unconscious fear. 


One of my clients who has been working in the tech world for over 25 years has been feeling the nudge to do something radically different. This means stepping into the unknown, leaving a cushy job, and stepping outside the comfort zone. Needless to say, it brings fear even though the fear is not based on anything specific. That is it, fear is generally about the future based on the past experiences, neither of which is reality, right? 


Can you resonate with this? 


Apply to your life. See where you’re operating from fear. Then let it go. You will discover how free you feel. 


In my latest podcast episode Ep 68 – Change Fear to Peace By Using This Effortless Technique, I walk you through a technique to release fear. You will begin to see how powerful it is to let go of fear when you do this process. 


Connecting it back to where we started – Fear is the idleness of will basically states that when you use your life force, your will ( not will power ) you can create anything you want in your life. It’s the inner knowing that you will make it happen. Let me take it a bit further – has there ever been a time in your life when you just knew that the job was yours, or that house was yours, or that you would be successful in your project – it’s that inner knowing that I am calling as will. 


When you feel that inner knowing, you ‘WILL’ make it happen, correct? Everything you want is on the other side of fear, is it not? 


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THANK you for allowing me to serve you. I am very grateful that you’re here. 


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