5 Steps To Create Your Dream Life

Has there ever been a time in your life where you have felt ease in your life? If you look at that time, you will probably notice that you were in alignment. Now, what does being in alignment mean? Have you wondered what it means to create from alignment and when do you know if you’re living in alignment? 



Align literally means to bring something into line with something else. 


If you don’t have what you desire, that means you’re not yet in alignment with it. You may or may not already realize that in order to create what you want in your life, you have to match your vibration and frequency to that.  In this context, I specifically mean aligning your energetic field to what you want to create in your life. 


If you’re scratching your head, don’t worry I am going to simplify this for you. 

Let’s say you want to paint a room in your home. You would probably think about what you want that room to feel and look like and then pick some samples, apply them to the wall to see what looks and feels good. 


I do think that you will just buy a bunch of paint, throw them all on the wall and expect that the room will automatically be painted, right? It’s the same principle, unconsciously you energetically aligned to the feel of the room and chose paint accordingly. Then, you took the action of buying the paint and painted the walls. 


The way I know if I am in alignment is based on how I feel. Even when a prospective client and I are discussing the possibility of us working together, I am often tuning into how I feel. Again, this is going to be unique for you. How aligned feels like to you will be different than what aligned feels like to me. To me, it’s knowing. I can’t explain it away logically. 


Let me give you a personal example that may solidify this more. 

When we bought our first home in California, it didn’t feel right to me. I could not explain why but I just didn’t feel aligned with the house. And because I didn’t have the same trust I do now, I allowed the logical brain to persuade me into buying that home. 


In years to come, our life turned upside down between illness, marital issues and finally we left that house. Now, in hindsight I know that every life event is always happening for my best interest including the fact that it taught me to trust my gut.

I invite you to apply these same principles to all aspects of your life. Here are the steps for all you peeps who like structure


  1. Get clear with what you’re desiring

  2. Sit in silence / meditate on your desire

  3. Set an intention to only ALLOW the thoughts and feelings that are supporting that desire. 
  4. Brainstorm what steps you need to take.

  5. Now is the most important step. Go back into silence once again to see which of the steps from your brainstorming session are in alignment with you. 


In my latest podcast Episode 57 – What benefits can you feel when Energy Is Actually Aligned, I dive more into alignment and also the benefits of living that aligned life. I also invite you to follow me on instagram as I have guest speakers and content including videos/stories that deepen this information and knowledge. 


As always, I welcome your takeaways and aha moments from reading this and listening to my podcast. HIt reply and share with me please.


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