How to Create Your Dream Life and Thrive

How to Create Your Dream Life and Thrive

According to Quartz at Work, one in five Americans claim they have their dream job


While the article above does touch on the idea that dreams may change over time, what it fails to look at is whose dream these people are gauging their happiness by. 


Let me explain. 


Most of us are told what to do, how to act and even what to think from the time we are very young. So, you can see how much of what we think we want actually comes from someone else, can you not? 


But, when we live by someone else’s standards, are we really thriving? 


everything we think about ourselves is a story that has been turned into a belief


What Do You Want in Life? 


When was the last time you asked yourself this question? 


Not just this question, but asked yourself where your dreams and desires come from?


Is your dream career the result of something someone told you to be? Or is your idea of what a successful life looks like being defined by someone else? 


On the other hand, where are your struggles coming from? The things that you label as “hard” or “impossible”, consider where those opinions and thoughts came from. 


If you’re struggling with something right now, there’s a story that you’re consciously or unconsciously telling yourself. And, most likely that story comes from a past experience in your life – as a child perhaps. 


That is to say, everything that we are is just a story either we have told ourselves or someone has told us. For good or bad, everything we think about ourselves is a story that has been turned into a belief. 


If your dream is influenced by someone else, are you really thriving or are you just surviving?



How to Create Your Dream Life and Thrive


So, going back to my original question – what do you want in life? I want you to consider this: If your dream is influenced by someone else, are you really thriving or are you just surviving? 


You see, if you’re like most people, the moment you start to dream, your logical brain is going to go into “How do you think that’s going to happen?”, “That’s not possible”, “ That’s just a crazy dream you have”.


In order to thrive in your life, to really live your life, you first have to know what it is that you want. Not what someone else wanted for you, but what you really want. In order to get there, you need to start unpackaging beliefs and stories that are keeping you stuck where you are.



Here Are 3 Steps to Help You Start Thriving:


Step 1: Determine YOUR dream

What is it you really want? Journal on this, if you need to. Create a collage or a dream board to help you visualize it and stay focused on it.



Step 2: Determine the path to your dream

Let me tell you, zoning out in front of the TV each night or binge watching Netflix isn’t going to help you change your life. So, once you know where you want to do, you need to understand the path to get there. Write out your plan and commit to it. 

But here’s the key, if you have energetic imprints that are holding those old beliefs in place, you cannot and will not be able to stay on your path. Clearing energetic patterns is one of the first things I do for my clients because without that, those old patterns will keep coming back.



Step 3: Tap into your Inner Wisdom

You’re clear on your path and you’re committed. Eventually, you will realize that the answers lie within. You will start to understand that your true desires and dreams have always been there within you. They just have been hiding behind those pesky old stories and beliefs. 



the answers have always been within you











The majority of people go through life living a life that someone else designed. Their idea of their dream life has been guided by the thoughts and beliefs of someone else. Therefore, I want to encourage you to take some time to really think about what you want out of life. See if those wants are being influenced by someone else. The power to design your ultimate dream life is within you. 


So, share with me in the comments how you’re thriving today!






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