How to Get Ahead When the New Normal Sets In

I’m going to share with you three very good tips on how to get ahead.  


But, if you’re just sitting there, waiting for that day when the social distancing is over so you can go back to your restaurants and your eating and partying and doing all the things that you were doing. If you’re just in the waiting pattern right now watching Netflix or just wiling away your time waiting for this to be over, then this isn’t for you. 


What I’m going to share with you is for the kind of person who is ready to use anything that comes their way as an opportunity to grow, to get ahead, and to take life by its horns rather than be the person who’s just waiting and getting frustrated with life.


So if that’s you, who wants to get ahead, then keep reading because these three tips are really going to be beneficial for you. 


The old normal is gone.


If you are one of those people who’s waiting for things to return back to normal, I hate to burst that bubble for you, but it’s not happening anytime soon. And even when it goes back to so-called normal, it’s not going to look like it used to. So, a new normal will be set, but the old normal is not coming back. 


First of all, there’s a lot of unknown, right? 
  • We do not know the course of this virus, or what’s going to happen. 
  • We don’t know if it’ll have a dip during the summertime, or if it’s going to come back with a vengeance in the wintertime.
  • We don’t know if a new strain is going to be born or if it’s going to come back when they start relaxing some of these social distancing norms.
  • We just don’t know.


There’s the health aspect and then there’s the economic aspect. A lot of people don’t have jobs right now. So, there’s a lot happening on so many different fronts.


Let’s take a look at some ways you can use to get ahead when the new normal arrives.

  What you think is very vital at this time

Watch Your Thoughts


Your thoughts matter. What you think is very vital at this time. Didn’t Buddha say that we are shaped by our thoughts and what we think we become? Our thoughts shape our life. You may or may not have realized how extraordinarily powerful your mind is. I’ve studied the brain for over 20 years and I have seen people do amazing things just because they set their mind to it. I’ve worked with clients who have been able to accomplish so much more than what they thought was possible! 


I get it, I get what’s happening and how easy it is to get sucked in. I used to be one of those people. It’s so easy to get sucked in. But here’s the thing, we have a choice


We have a choice in what we think and how we think about things and what we do with that. 


Our thoughts really matter. Everything starts with our thoughts. So, be a hawk. 


While doing some research, I came across Harriet Tubman. She was one of the pioneer black women who helped with slavery but here’s the amazing part! The odds were so stacked against her that she, basically, had no chance of winning. She was a woman. She was a black woman. She was a slave herself. And she had a bounty on her head. Yet she helped so many slaves escape! 


There are so many people like that, in history, who have achieved the unachievable. But, how? They set their mind to it! They changed how they thought, they didn’t give in to their circumstances. 


So, this is why I said right up front, if you’re one of those people who are sitting there, watching Netflix, waiting for this to be over then this is not for you because if you cannot wrap your mind around these circumstances, you’re going to be stuck. 


Tip number one: Choose your time wisely. Choose your thoughts wisely. Get help, get a coach, read self help books, do the things you can do to get ahead.

When we do things differently, it starts to shift us in a positive upward direction.

Change Your Energy


Have you ever wondered what stress, fear, and overwhelm does to your body and to your system? Stress is one of the easiest ways for our health to go downwards. 


I’m not going to go too much into this, but I want to ask you – “Where will you be six months from now?” “Where will you be a year from now?” 


If you let these feelings take over, if you let stress take over, if you let fear take over, if you let any of those things take over, it just brings you down. Right now, lots of people are fearful. Lots of people are stressed out. And if you’re just looking at the circumstances, then of course, but what that does is bring you down. 


Have you ever noticed, when we are stressed out, we make poor choices in eating, in exercise and then we start the downward spiral. The same thing happens when we shift our mind. When we do things differently, it starts to shift us in a positive upward direction. 


So, point number two is about energetic imprints.


I love this word because this is exactly what happens when we are stressed, it leaves an energetic imprint. When we are fearful, it leaves an energetic imprint. Your thoughts leave an energetic imprint. This is one of the two core pillars I work on with my clients. Because, it is vital that you shift out of these energetic imprints. When you can clear the energetic imprints, it can create amazing transformation. 


I’m going to invite you to set an intention. Sit in meditation and set an intention for clearing the energetic imprints that are no longer serving you. 


I’ve studied energy medicine for over 10 plus years. But more than that, when I work with my clients, I literally become like a channel for them and let information come through for them and help with their healing process. I can’t do that for you right now. But I really want you to let this sink in. Your thoughts create an energetic imprint, and if you don’t clear those energetic imprints, it continues to make you spiral downwards. 


Tip number two: set an intention for clearing the energetic imprints that are no longer serving you. 

You can't sit at home

Take Aligned Actions


This is in some essence, the most important part of all, because everything comes down to this one thing. Now, you’ve seen with the thoughts and the energy that if you don’t take actions to get to where you want to go, you’re going to remain stuck. 


Some people laugh when I say this, but I say “You can’t sit at home “Om”-ing all day!”. That will not get you to where you want to go. But what will, is taking aligned actions; and you have to take aligned actions based on who you are, where you want to go, and who you want to be. So, if you’re taking actions from worry and stress and fear, it’s not going to work. If you take actions from a place of clarity and trust and knowing that this is going to work out for you, guess what will happen, everything will start to shift. 


Tip number three: Take aligned actions, trust your inner wisdom, trust the wisdom of tuning into a higher power – the universe or God, whatever you want to call it – to achieve that aligned space between your wisdom and the wisdom of the universe. 


Let’s recap:

  1. Watch your thoughts. Your thoughts can be your best friend or your enemy.
  1. Change your energy. If you do not change your energy, it is going to bring you down. 
  1. Take aligned actions. This is the key. It’s not just taking actions, it’s aligned actions.


When you put these three things in place, no matter what is going on around you (whether it’s social distancing or something else), you’re not going to get caught up in those circumstances. 


Remember Harriet Tubman, everything was stacked against her and yet she did so much. I encourage you to read her story – it’s very, very inspiring! There are many people who have done things you would not even imagine they could do. So, look up those people and get inspired!


Do these three things, put them into action, and see what happens.

See how life changes for you. 







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