How To Live a Courageous Life?

Has there ever been a time when you have read or watched a documentary about someone’s life and gotten inspired for what’s possible in your life?


I can think of so many such instances in my life. 


Inspired by that, I created a podcast episode on the anniversary of the Podcast’s 1st birthday and my birthday reflecting on the lessons I have learned so far.


Even if the context of my story doesn’t apply to you, you may still be able to relate to the life lessons. 


For instance, one of the identities and stories I lived from was that “Life is Struggle” and “Nothing comes easy to me”.


Can you relate? By changing these stories which are just thoughts ( and we can choose our thoughts, can we not?) and clearing the energetic imprints around these, I was able to change the identity of struggle. 



Now, I live by the mantra of “Everything is happening for my evolution”.


I no longer add any meaning to a situation as good or bad or success or failure. 


Just interpretations at the end of the day, is it not?


It has been liberating. I invite you to find words or sentences that represent the story you want to create in your life.


Live it, breathe it, make it your mission to live from that new story and discover for yourself how your life will change. 


If you’re wondering what your current story is. The answer is simple – look at your life.


Is your career where you desire it to be?


Are your relationships where you want them to be?


Are you happy with your money situation?


Most important – are you fulfilled in your life?


I invite you to take time and write this out.


If you don’t like your current story, change the story. 


This is how I help my clients transform their lives.


We start with the underlying beliefs and change it using the principles of Neuropsychology, Energy Medicine and Aligned Actions (N.E.W You Blueprint ).


This is how I transformed my life as well 


The result is just freeing. 


I was reflecting on that as I spent my birthday day going for a walk, celebrating this life, feeling at peace.


Let me tell you – this is not how I lived at all.


I spent so much of my life in resistance to what is.


I am sharing this to inspire you to see what’s possible. 


If I can do it and my clients can do it, so can you.


I invite you to live from what is possible. 


And I am not being a pollyanna. Don’t take my word for it, just live a week by choosing thoughts that make you happy and see the difference in your emotions and state of mind.


We can change our life one thought, one story at a time. 


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I love hearing from you.


Have a beautiful week Visionaries.