How To Work With Feeling Triggered?

Have you had a reaction when someone said something unkind to you?


Or maybe when someone cut you off when you were driving?


Or maybe someone did not reciprocate your kind act?


Or maybe you read on SM and got triggered.


If that’s you, whatever you do make sure to read this entirely. 


I am going to give you a perspective that you may or may not have heard before and a way to work with triggers. 


I hold a belief that being triggered is a good thing.


I actually welcome triggers. And I invite you to hold that same perspective. 


Don’t throw me under the bus yet, hear me out first.


Triggers are a signal that something unresolved is being revealed at this moment.


If you chose to seize the moment and explore the trigger, you are likely to feel more freedom in your system.


If you chose to get caught up in the trigger, then you’re more likely to repeat old patterns. 


If you’re choosing curiosity towards your triggers, here is a powerful way to understand your trigger. 


Think about the last time you got triggered.


Take out your journal and write down what specifically about that situation triggered you.


Then ask yourself “where else in my life do I have similar reactions”.


Like my mentor Jim often says “The way we do one thing is how we do everything”.


That is so true, is it not? 


By doing this, it will reveal your patterns to you.


The bottom line is that these are deepening exercises to know yourself.


The more you know yourself, the more awareness you bring to your life.


That is a very powerful way to live life, right? 


In my latest podcast episode Ep 60- Did You Get Triggered? Free Negative Emotions Using This” I share a guided meditation to release negative emotions.


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