If You’re A DO-er, This Is For You

Habitually, I used to be do-er as many of you currently are. This year has been one of epic change and upleveling. This means that it has required me to DO. I mean the house didn’t pack itself up when we made our cross country move. Having kids means a lot of DO-ing in general and now adjusting to a new state, new school, new friends again means a lot of activity. 


By nature, I need more down time. So, this level of focus on the external without a lot of internal respite time can be hard. Bottom line is that there will always be seasons of DOing in our lives. The question is how do you want to handle it internally? For me, I had to lean into making time for myself everyday even when it seemed hard. For instance, today, I spent an hour in a float tank. I LOVE float therapy. If you have never heard of it or done it, here’s what Web MD says about its benefits. 


Why am I sharing this stuff? It definitely is not to entertain you with my life stories. It is about how you can apply it to your own life. 


Where are you getting caught up in your life with all the DO-ing. Remember, the doing is only as good as the being doing the doing. Ok, that’s a mouthful. Like Zig Ziggler said, you have to BE, before you can Do. 


There will always be things to do. However, when you make time for you to rest, to BE the person you are meant to be, the DOing will be so much easier. 


You may or may not realize that rest is a REAL strategy. 


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Much love to you.