Is Change Hard For You?

If you find yourself resisting change, you will discover 3 ways to overcome the resistance to change in this email.

As humans, we love predictability don’t we !!! It’s what our survival is based on. However, have you considered that the only permanent thing is change, isn’t it?

Even our blood changes every 24 hours.

​Then, why do we resist change?

In simple words, it’s how your brain has been programmed. It’s your deeply held beliefs about what change represents. For some of you, you may have a belief that change is hard. Then that belief gets reinforced when you experience something in your life. That belief, emotion then becomes a habit.

As you continue to read, you will discover three ways to overcome the resistance to change.

  1. Habits – If habits can resist change, then habits can create change, can they not? Let me ask you what’s the foundation for habit – It’s commitment is it not? My invitation to you is to use the same principles of habit – committing to what you want to create and doing it.

  2. Shifting beliefs. Unless you clear the beliefs reinforcing the resistance, you will continue to experience the same, will you not? Ask yourself “ What’s causing me to believe this?”

  3. Guidance – You may already realize the power of sitting in silence & tapping into inner guidance. How many times have you felt the inner guidance to take an action even when it hasn’t made logical sense.

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