Is Manifestation Really That Easy?

“The Universe wants very badly to give you whatever you have asked for. Give up the need to tell the Universe in great detail what you want or need because the Universe already knows. Every single thought or intention which you held has been meticulously curated, just waiting to be delivered to you” ~ Richard Dotts 


I was re-reading this very book on the plane ride back from the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago.


My water bottle leaked and it wet the book in the bag. Since this is one of my favorite books to read over and over again,  I was quite bummed that the pages were all wrinkly now.


I had a momentary thought of “hmmm, maybe I should order another copy”. That was it. 


A week later, I opened my shipment from Amazon and there in the box was this book.




I never ordered it.


It was not a gift.


I have no idea how it got into my cart.


It is a mystery to this date. 


All this story to say how powerful our thoughts are. Our words have the capacity to create or miscreate, right? 


You may be nodding your head going ‘yesssss’ or shaking your head skeptically. 


In either case, I invite you to look at your own life experiences.


Has there ever been a time where you wanted something, it could be a big or small desire.


You fill in the blank – a purse, a shoe, a job, money, and it showed up.


That is how the Law of Manifestation works. 


Yes, Manifestation is that easy. We make it complicated. 


I invite you to pay attention to your smallest and biggest manifestations.


Celebrate them, keep track of them.


You will be amazed and blown away by how all your heart’s desires comes true.


Maybe not on your timeline but it does happen.


When it doesn’t, you may be bummed in the moment.


However in retrospect, it has always been for your best, has it not? 


If you are still wondering how to make this work for you, you’re in for a treat.


I recently interviewed a manifestation coach and expert Sara Drury on my podcast. I invite you to listen to Ep 62 – Manifestation Made Easy With Sara Drury. 


She walks us through a series of simple steps to make manifestation possible.


She also talks about why manifestation fails.


It is worth listening to. I invite you to share your takeaways with me on instagram @padmaali. 


As always, wishing you the ease of manifesting anything you want in your life.