Is Stress Habit Driven?

I would love to hear how you’re doing.

I am genuinely interested in knowing how you have survived one year of the pandemic. It has one hell of a year, has it not?

You have survived the year-long lockdown, it’s huge. My kids are going back to in-person learning soon and they are thrilled.

You may be in the same boat.

I am so excited and yet a part of me is not ready for another change. The thought of mobilizing my kids to get out the door feels slightly challenging. Can you relate?

Having done this work for so many years, I have more compassion for those parts of me that still struggle.

I have tools to work with it but when it rears its head, it no longer results in more loathing and criticism of myself.

I invite you to be loving and compassionate with yourself no matter what you’re feeling right now.

In fact, in my latest podcast episode #53 WHEN YOU CONQUER STRESS AND ANXIETY, THIS HAPPENS, I share three steps to convert stress to freedom & increase productivity.

You may already realize that the stress and anxiety neurons are often habit driven.

They act on cue – whether a car is about to hit you (real danger) or there’s a presentation at work – these neurons will fire the same way. They are completely driven by habit similar to brushing your teeth

Until the patterns are broken the stress neurons will continue to fire. Consider that !!!

These two of the three main pillars in my work with my clients (identifying and changing the neural pathways and using wisdom to take actions to break the habits) are the ones that create sustainable change.

BTW, one of my two spots for one on one coaching is already filled up for March.

So, if you’re ready to make some significant changes this year, please reach out to me to see if we are a good fit to work together.

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I could tell you how powerful this work is, but I will not. I will let you discover it for yourself.

I want to leave you with this.

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling peaceful and ready to face your workday. You go through your day tapping into your inner resource, knowing that you will find what you need no matter what comes your way. Your creativity increases, you get more done in your day.

There’s just an absolute sense of peace.

You bask in the long term effect of making the income you desire, having more time with important things like family. Life just feels peaceful.

This is what happens when you conquer stress and anxiety.