Is Your Life Dictated By Your Past?

Every reaction that you have is based on a past experience.


Consider that !!!!! 


For instance, You’re invited to a gathering.


You consider yourself to not be a social person ( based on what – a past experience, right?)

You start to feel anxious ( based on what – a past experience, right?)

You think people are going to judge you ( based on what – a past experience, right?)


Are you noticing how everything that you do today including reactions that you have is based on past experiences?


Let me ask you some powerful questions.


I invite you to take some time in reflecting and writing down the answers to these. 


  1. How would you show up if your past were erased?

  2. Who are you without your past? 



Did you take some time to write this down?


If you’re going to postpone doing this, that’s ok, but you know as much as I do what happens when we put something out for later, correct? 


The reason I am emphatic about doing this is because I have seen the impact of living from the past – both with my clients as well as in my own life.


It takes the joy out of living in the present moment, does it not?


However, the problem is that awareness alone will not solve it because of how much conditioning our system stores.


You may or may not know that our energetic, emotional and etheric bodies store experiences.


That is what leads to conditioning.


So, even if you change your thoughts, your beliefs, it will create changes in your life but the roots of that conditioning still continue to exist in your system causing you to not be free completely. 


This is where I use a variety of tools to help decondition.


I talk about one particular tool that I use with my clients.


I invite you to listen to my latest podcast episode to learn more about that.


It is Episode 58 – Is Your Life Dictated by your past?


A powerful way to neutralize the past.


As you listen to this episode, I strongly invite you to connect with your own life.


Even though this episode refers to the past, I personally don’t find value excavating the past.


I only go there when it is rooted in the present.


It’s a tool I use for deconditioning the present. 


When you can realize that everything you see is a reflection based on the past, you can empower yourself to change your life.


Imagine being at peace, with your attention ONLY on what you want. 


Whether you’re in a good place and want to deepen your transformation or struggling to find clarity in your life, I invite you to reach out to me to see we are a good fit to work together.


I have one opening in May for long term work and I have limited openings for one time 90 min transformation work.