Live Your Life's Purpose

6 Week Program with Padma Ali

Do you ever wonder why you are good at certain things and not so good at others? Are you aware of how you perceive yourself or how others perceive you? You might be thinking, why does that even matter in my business?

Have you ever considered that there is NO ONE like you on this planet?

You will EXIST as this version only once.

You are unique

What comes through you is what your soul is here to do

You may or may not realize that there is a consequence to denying the expression of your soul.

On the physical plane, you may be living an unfulfilled life, not attracting the kind of money you desire and possibly wasting your life.

On the spiritual plane, you are actually denying your soul’s expression, denying your evolution and in the process denying helping the people who are waiting for your assistance.

Your life’s purpose is your life force

Whether you know what you are here to do and unable to fully get it out in the world or whether you’re unsure of what exactly you are here to do,
This program is right for you IF you are ready to FULLY live your Dharma / your life purpose that you came into existence for.

If you’re interested in creating impact while also being able to attract money through your gifts, then sign up right now


I will help you bring your gifts to the world ( the physical plane) while using spiritual tools.

Why Live Your Life's Purpose - 6 Week Program with Padma Ali:

Checkmark PNG, Checkmark Transparent Background - FreeIconsPNG It will help you create an aligned business where you are not heading towards burnout.

Checkmark PNG, Checkmark Transparent Background - FreeIconsPNG When you understand yourself, you can create success you want. You can truly innovate your business.

Checkmark PNG, Checkmark Transparent Background - FreeIconsPNG You can have a true understanding of your strengths and shadows and how to operate from that place of knowing.

Checkmark PNG, Checkmark Transparent Background - FreeIconsPNGYou will be able to create the impact that you have always desired while attracting money doing what you love doing.


How Does The Program Work?

Week 1

module 1


In Week 1 we will dive into what is your life’s purpose and what is holding you back. We will uncover how you formed beliefs about your career, How the subconscious mind operates. You will quickly see how much has been conditioned into you and how to start marching to your beat.

Week 2

module 2


In Week 2 you are going to review our own human design chart. Imagine learning your strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to truly understand your purpose and how to increase your personal evolution to become a greater leader in your industry. I will be assisting each of you – the advantages of a small group.


Week 3

module 3


In week 3, you will discover what energetic imprints are and how it may have held you back unconsciously. I will be teaching you tools to break down the imprints so you can start implementing and sharing your gifts with the world immediately.


Week 4

module 4


In Week 4, we’ll dive into learning more on healing tools like inner child work, power of mind, and energy healing. Deepen your intuition to help deepen your connection with your clients and also allow yourself to be coached to further evolve your awakening, ALLOWING your Dharma to lead you. 

Week 5

module 4


In Week 5, we’ll create your personal success formula for living your Life’s Purpose by diving deeper and applying Neuropsychology concepts. 


Week 6

module 5


In this final module, I will guide you through a process of integration and allow you to stay in balance as you continue implementing. I will be teaching you a specific breathwork technique that will allow you to continue to manifest your dream life of living your dharma, creating impact and enjoying your life. 

Or I'd love to invite you to take advantage of this exclusive offer!

Upgrade Receive 3 Exclusive Private Calls With Me!

For those who are also interested in diving deeply with extra 1:1 work with me, I am offering THREE 1:1 sessions + access to this exclusive program! It is normally a high investment alone or you must apply to receive private 1-1 coaching with me! I’d love to invite you to trust yourself  and reserve your spot for this special limited-time opportunity! 


“Aligned Actions = Powerful Results”

You may be wondering if this program is for you?

This program is not everyone!

This program is not for you if you are looking for a business strategy,  if you have no interest in utilizing Universal Laws to manifest, if you have absolutely no idea what you want to do.

It is ok if you are confused about what your real gifts are, but if you have no idea and are going in circles wondering what your gifts are, then this is not the right program for you. You are welcome to work with me 1:1 to figure that out. I do help my one on one clients with that.

If you’re unsure if this is right for you, you can get on a 15 min complimentary call with me! 

Padma is an exemplar of pursuing and living one’s dharma. She operates with an authentic sense of synchronicity and alignment - and guided by her deep connection to source and her intuitive knowledge, serves her clients with utmost sincerity and compassion. The sessions with Padma have paved a path for me to seamlessly unravel the shroud of uncertainty and angst related to the intersection of purpose and passion. Her serenity and ability to deeply connect with, listen to, and guide her clients through their personal journeys of self-discovery with the tools of energy medicine and neuropsychology, make Padma a truly unique practitioner…”
— Ramani Varanasi, Senior Biopharma Executive

The N.E.W You Blueprint ™ is my proprietary formula that helps unravel years of programming and beliefs that have kept you stuck. This unique blueprint combines Neuropsychology, Energy Healing, and Wisdom to create long-lasting transformation in all areas of your life now. 

"Your journey to becoming an evolved leader starts now"

~ padma ali

Licensed Psychotherapist | Energy Alignment Expert | Leadership Performance Expert

Hi, I'm Padma Ali!

Hi, I’m Padma Ali. I help entrepreneurs, high performance executives, and team organizations reach new levels of fulfillment. I guide my clients to tap into their inner wisdom, learn how to take aligned actions, and help them uncover and remove the energetic blueprints. Through my unique coaching and guidance, I help you evolve your personal success formula that leads to your evolutionary transformation.

I carry over 20+ years of experience as a licensed Psychotherapist, I’m a Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist & NLP Practitioner, plus I’ve also trained extensively in traditional and non-traditional modalities, including Energy Healing. I’m dedicated to helping evolved entrepreneurs and high-performance executives like you discover your personal success formula to not only expand your personal growth but also to guide you to reach new levels of spiritual awakening. In addition, I help you use your inner guidance and intuition to increase business profits by removing invisible barriers such as negative thoughts patterns, habits, and energetic blueprints that are keeping you from living a more fulfilling life.

“Aligned Actions = Powerful Results”

Radical Shifts for Powerful Evolved Leaders

"You bring out exactly what we need in each coaching session. You lead us in such a magical way!"
ratti handa | beyond Dentistry
airway centric dentistry
"Padma has such a unique in removing the traumas that keep achieving what you want in all areas of your life"
carolina B.
certified NGH hypnotist
" I didn't care how much Padma charged me. I just knew that I wanted to work with her and I was ready to evolve."
Mary Lou R.
entrepreneur, brain training expert
"Working with Padma has helped expand in my life and in my business. She helped release some blocks I was having in business"
Jen S.
empowering coach, body movement expert, entrepreneur
"Together we went into deep dive of healing some deep things that I've probably been carrying for so long. The process felt easy!"
Sara I.
yoga mentor, Autism parenting consultant, entrepreneur
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This a 6 week long group program with LIVE calls. There is a live call once a week. Thurs at 3 pm PT except Oct 20th when it’s going be on Sat Oct 23rd at 3 pm PT.
1-1.5 hours It also includes access to a FB group community for support, PDFS to keep you accountable to your success. Replays will also be  available via Kajabi and also includes access pre-recorded modules.