I loved the impact and transformations my clients would get by working with me as a couple or individually. It was truly my passion.. And I am darn good at it.

Hard Work

But no matter how hard I worked, or how much I worked, I hit what you call as the “Psychotherapy glass ceiling” meaning that there was only so much I could charge despite having degrees and certifications that are a mile long.


It wasn’t giving me the lifestyle I was looking for. I wanted more - more for my family, more for my clients and I wanted to reach more people globally with my message of health and wellness.


Moreover, being self employed, I only got paid when I worked. When I got sick, when I had my babies, I couldn’t work and therefore my income dropped as well.


I was already in love with essential oils and Young Living’s mission aligned very much with mine. Given how much transformation I was already noticing with people around me, I decided to give this business a go. I was also fortunate to land in a team which had incredible support to help me design this business using my gifts and talents. I learn so much every day and have so much fun doing this. I can’t wait to lock arms with you so we can do this together.


I first came across ‘Network Marketing’ after being a product user for a couple of years with Young Living. I became curious when I learned that it was similar to affiliate marketing. The more I researched, the more the industry appealed to me. Making money while I slept sounded good.