Overthinking has a Purpose

Do you find it hard to shut off your brain? Do you get upset with yourself that you overthink to death sometimes? 


You may or may not have realized that overthinking has a purpose and it’s not to torture you. Though it feels like that sometimes, doesn’t it !! As you read this, you will discover the real reason you overthink and one phrase that has the ability to stop your brain from going into overdrive. 


Have you considered that the reason you overthink is to keep you safe. Fear of making a wrong decision, fear of being trapped by a decision. When you realize that it’s fear that drives overthinking, it brings a certain level of compassion for yourself, doesn’t it ?


When you can start with accepting where you’re, many doors open up, don’t they? 


“We cannot change anything until we accept it “ ~ Carl Jung


It’s obvious that you’re realizing that accepting it is only the first step, you have to stop it. I am going to share something which when you master will be life changing. 


Here it is…..

“There are no mistakes in life, only course corrections” ~ Padma Ali


Yes, the simplest way to stop overthinking is to take actions and if it doesn’t work out, then choose another path. 

Can you see how powerful this is, can you not?


I recently did a podcast episode on this. I go into more details on this topic. It’s episode 23 of the Create Your Vibrant Life Podcast


I am going to leave you with this. Where will your life be in 6 months, in 1 year or 5 years if you continue to stay stuck in overthinking and not do anything to change it. 


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