Pandemic will not set your career back, you will

This may or may not trigger you. Yes, the pandemic has affected a lot of lives in many ways. Look, I know you’re juggling work, children at home, uncertain economy, making tons of sacrifices and changes. I get that there’s a lot of uncertainty. And it probably feels like the pandemic will set your career back.

Here’s what you can possibly gain by reading what I have to offer. Hope and knowledge of how YOU can be the “Master Of Your Destiny” not a pandemic.

I recently read a NY Times article that said that working mom’s career was being set back 10 years because of the pandemic. The entire article was so bleak and gave a sense of hopelessness.

What I am sharing here will help you discover three tips to go from hopelessness to creating a career in your terms even during the pandemic.

The NY Times article that I mentioned talked about working mothers and how they had to put their careers on hold. If you have read the article, do share with me how you feel? Here’s why I had a reaction reading it.

The author makes statements as though it is 100% true that ALL working women’s careers have taken a set back. How does she know that? It unconsciously plants a seed of doubt and fear and hopelessness, doesn’t it !!!

Have all working mothers’ careers taken a back seat. I personally know a few working moms whose businesses have taken off in this pandemic.

My business is thriving and I am a working mom.



Yes, I fall under the league of privilege. But what I am inviting you to do is challenge your thinking. If you continue to believe that the pandemic will cause a set back in your career by 10 years, where will that leave you? How does it feel to think that way?



If you don’t feel good, then my invitation to you is to change your way of thinking. We can never create anything from a place of fear, of hopelessness, right!!! But what if you leaned on inner and outer resources that you can tap into to change your situation?

If Oprah or JK Rowling who built their life from scratch thought that way, do you think they would have become the Oprah and JK Rowling that we know today? They had so many setbacks, but it didn;t stop them. They figured it out didn’t they? And they did that by thinking very differently than what was said in that NY Times article, right???

“ Your thoughts are architects of your destiny” ~ David McKay.

Even if circumstances looked dire, what if you focused on “ how resourceful you’re” vs “how you will not be able to get out of this”

Has there ever been a time when you felt like the ground was giving up on you and you still managed to get up and find a way out? Doesn’t that tell you that “you will figure out a way”

So, why give in to the thought that the pandemic will set your career back. What else can you think instead?

So, here are my three valuable tips for you

  1. Watch your thoughts like a hawk. If you find it going to places which makes you feel bad, change the thoughts. The thoughts will change how you feel. Move your attention. Pay attention to your beliefs. This is vital. What new beliefs can you create?

  2. Focus on what you can do to create a foundation right now. Do you have to pivot? Do you need other skills that can help you? What else can you use from your expertise in order to change your circumstances?

  3. Stop reading news/scrolling social media that bring you down. Like a sponge, our brain is constantly absorbing everything. So you might think you’re just watching the news. But it’s imprinting something. If that information is going to produce fear or anxiety, it will affect you.