Success Is Not Because Of Hard Work, It’s Because Of…

I invite you to think about someone that you consider to be successful. Have you wondered how they got to where they did? What do you think was the key to success for that person. 

How often have you heard of statements like “never give up”, “Keep on going and you will succeed” or “work hard”

Yet, if this was the whole picture, someone working 3 jobs would be successful, right? 

The missing piece is your inner narrative based on your beliefs.

Often we develop these beliefs from a young age. Like Aristotle said “ Give a child until the age of 7, and I will show you the man” 

Beliefs are based on experiences that we have. We believe those experiences and live our entire lifetimes based on certain experiences that we thought were real. I go into details with examples in my latest podcast episode # 50 – “How To Be The Powerful Master of Your Life”. You will discover amazing nuggets in this episode on how to create your own destiny.


You may or may not realize that being the creator of your destiny starts with the process of letting go. It starts with letting go of beliefs/thoughts that no longer serve you. Like the Buddha says ‘ our thoughts are not real, they are just an illusion” When you can recognize that, it will be easy to choose thoughts that make you feel good. 

In addition, when the energetic imprints associated with those beliefs are cleared, those beliefs no longer have any foothold. This is why I created the N.E.W You Blueprint. This combination of Neuropsychology ( Beliefs held in the brain). Energy ( Clearing the energetic imprints) allowing you to take actions based on inner Wisdom is the reason my most of my clients have massive transformations in a short period of time. 

If you’re ready to re-discover your true essence underneath all the self-doubt, worry, anxiety, unworthiness and operate from your highest self daily, I invite you to work with me now. 

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I invite you to trust that inner nudge that wants more for you