Successful Purpose-Driven Leaders All Know This

Your leadership role is quite consuming, isn’t it?

On the surface, it looks as though you’re already living your dream life.  You’re well established and successful. After all, you have the corner office with the floor-to-ceiling windows,  you have the title, and the income you’ve dreamed of..

However, there’s something below the surface that others can’t see: 

  • Your life is still dominated by work. That dream of going golfing and touring vineyards with your partner isn’t happening. 
  • Your company’s demands are causing you so much stress you wake up in the middle of the night with your brain churning, trying to resolve all the problems that came up the day.
  • Your relationship with your partner has suffered as a result of being focused on your career, and you worry you’re on the brink of divorce. 


You may or may not have already realized that unless you have a balance in all areas of your life, your success in career means nothing. 

 Truly successful purpose-driven leaders know who they truly are, what drives them, what their blind spots are and live from their highest potential, don’t they? 

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