Episode 21. Your Stress, Worry & Anger Comes with a Price

Have you considered the price you’re paying when you indulge in emotions like anger and frustration? If you’ve struggled with keeping stress, anger and frustration under control, then whatever you do, listen to this episode, take notes and see the positive impact on your life for yourself.  Please leave a review and email your questions […]

Doing This One Thing Will Improve All Your Relationships!

Doing this one thing will improve all your relationships

Doing This One Thing Will Improve All Your Relationships According to this study on reasons why couples divorce, over half of the couples stated too much arguing as the main reason for their divorce. So, is it possible to avoid unnecessary arguing? Couples claimed that “communication problems increased in frequency and intensity throughout their marriages, […]

How to Keep Anger From Taking Over Your Life

how to keep anger from taking over your life

How to Keep Anger From Taking Over Your Life Anger is one of those emotions that can be very destructive. In fact, research shows that 64% of people think the world is becoming angier. One third of the population claims that they have a family member or a close friend who has anger issues, and […]

Episode 8: Anger

Do you think you’re an angry person? In this episode I’ll show you that there might be something else behind your anger and that it might not even be YOURS! I’ll talk about energetic imprints and how they might be the culprit. You’ll also learn 3 strategies that will help you control your reactions when […]