Doing This One Thing Will Improve All Your Relationships!

Doing this one thing will improve all your relationships

Doing This One Thing Will Improve All Your Relationships According to this study on reasons why couples divorce, over half of the couples stated too much arguing as the main reason for their divorce. So, is it possible to avoid unnecessary arguing? Couples claimed that “communication problems increased in frequency and intensity throughout their marriages, […]

4 Ways to Overcome Uncomfortable Feelings

Why we resist uncomfortable feelings and how that can keep us stuck

4 Tips to Overcome Uncomfortable Feelings We are all facing a lot of uncertainty right now. And with all the chaos in our lives, a lot of us are having to have uncomfortable conversations and face some uncomfortable decisions.   And you may or may not have already noticed that when humans get challenged with anything […]

Episode 7: Worry to Calm

worry to calm

Does worry consume you?  Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, it may seem like that’s all we do.  In this episode I’ll show you 3 ways to help conquer your worry and teach you that YOU are the creator of your life. Tag me on insta @padmaali to share your ah ha’s!!! More Episodes