Episode 21. Your Stress, Worry & Anger Comes with a Price

Have you considered the price you’re paying when you indulge in emotions like anger and frustration? If you’ve struggled with keeping stress, anger and frustration under control, then whatever you do, listen to this episode, take notes and see the positive impact on your life for yourself.  Please leave a review and email your questions […]

Episode 7: Worry to Calm

worry to calm

Does worry consume you?  Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, it may seem like that’s all we do.  In this episode I’ll show you 3 ways to help conquer your worry and teach you that YOU are the creator of your life. Tag me on insta @padmaali to share your ah ha’s!!! www.padmaali.com More Episodes

Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind

Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind If you’re like most people, you are probably worried about how to work with your kids’s schools being closed indefinitely, you / your family member’s health, your job security. The list is probably endless….. So, what can we do during times like this that we have never […]