10 Steps To Be Unstoppable

Wow!! It is already the 6th month of the year. How on Earth did time fly by? Time is the only limited commodity we possess, isn’t it? I often say, the only thing certain is that we are all born with a death stamp. This is not meant to be a morbid statement but a wake up statement. 

So often, I see people sleepwalk through life, without realizing that they can actually create a life on their terms. All it takes is awareness and a desire to want something more, something fulfilling and declaring no to mediocrity. 

I know that is  you because you have chosen to sign up for my newsletter, and chosen to read this. It takes courage to do that and not everyone is ready for it. Give yourself credit for standing out of the masses and being willing to create change in your life. 

In my latest podcast Ep # 65 “How To Be Unstoppable To Soar Through Life” I share 10 points on how to be unstoppable. Inspired by a children’s book written by Dr. Wayne Dyer, it is eye opening on how simple yet profound these points are. 

  1. You’re Great – No matter what.
    This is my favorite as it emphasizes the fact that you’re worthwhile simply because you’re alive. How incredible is that. How much of our life do we spend in the ‘not good enough zone’. What if you’re amazing just because you’re here on this planet.

  2. Persistence Pays Off
    I love this one as it brings to our awareness the power of our words.

  3. Welcome The Unknown
    Let me ask you, how often have you held yourself back because of the fear of the unknown. You already know that the unknown is the only known thing in our life, is it not? How would your life change significantly when you embrace the unknown?

  4. You Have Choice
    My mentor says “ Life IS choice”. When you let that fully sink in, watch how empowered you feel.

  5. Farewell To Worry
    Let me ask you this – Has worry ever solved anything for you? There you go, that’s your answer. Nothing more to add.

  6. Peace Begins With You
    “We can never find peace in our outer world until we make peace with ourselves” ~ Dalai Lama. If you have peace of mind, you can have anything, can you not?

  7. Enjoy The Here And Now
    You already understand that the present moment is all there is. But do you really know that? Whatever you want to create in life is not in the past or in the future, it is IN.THIS.MOMENT.

  8. Healthy Me
    Health is the number one priority for me. Having spent years being sick, I realized that without health, I have nothing. If you’ve put away the health of your mind or body, time to change that.

  9. Creativity Is The Key
    Have you fully realized that when you feel resourceful, you can figure out any problem or circumstances. There is always a solution, you just have to find it and sometimes it takes thinking outside the box or thinking creatively which will give you the solution.

  10. What Can You Give?
    When you make life about service, it takes ‘You’ out of the equation. You will truly soar when you make life a service.

Let me know which one resonated the most with you, especially after you hear the podcast.