The Invisible Rule Box That's Keeping You Trapped

Have you fully considered that the reason you don’t have what you want is because you might be unconsciously following internally set rules. Rules like “ It took me x years to get this position, so it’s going to take another x years to get that next promotion”. “I can’t move because I will lose my friends circle”. 


Let me ask you two simple yet powerful questions which you might have not asked yourself 

“How do you know that”?


“Are these rules working for you?”

Eventually, you will realize that these rules just keep you safe and stuck in your comfort zone. 

No one achieves what they want by being in the comfort zone, am I right!!

You probably already know that the reason you stay in your comfort zone is fear. So, what’s more important to you – your goals or your fear? You can’t have both. 

Are you ready to discover the magic that happens outside your comfort zone? Whatever you do, recognize that fear is made up in your mind, unless it’s threatening your life in some way.

F- False
E- Evidence
A- Appearing
R- Real

“The only way out is through” ~ Robert Frost. 

I had a client who was so unhappy in his job but couldn’t muster the courage to leave because of some unconscious fear of rejection. As we worked through the underlying cause as well as taking aligned actions, he not only got a job that she loved but also got a hike in her pay. 

Here’s the part that no one notices – It required him to step out of his comfort zone. 

You have to do the uncomfortable things and trust me no one will die when you do it, ok !!!

If you’re ready to deepen this knowledge, then listen to my podcast episode Ep 25 – “Are Rules & Fear Keeping You Stuck In Your Comfort Zone?” 

You will discover how invisible rules might be keeping you trapped and how to work through it. 


Share your thoughts with me about how you’ve been keeping yourself trapped and one thing you’re going to do to come out of the comfort zone