The Secret You Already Knew To Creating Your Vibrant Life.

Read this if you’re ready to stop playing small, access your full potential and create your vibrant life


As you have already realized, hard work and hustle will not help you create wealth, career, health or a relationship that you have desired. Why? Because if it did, you would have already had it, correct? 


Today, you will discover the secret to creating anything you desire 




“ The quieter you become, the more you’re able to hear” ~ Rumi


Yes, that’s it – In silence, in stillness of the mind, creation happens, doesn’t it!! 


Here’s why!! When you stop the brain from overthinking, analyzing and going into overload ONLY based on past experiences, you’re not allowing access to the universal consciousness. To show you that silence is an unexplored secret in creating anything you want, I want you to consider why successful global companies like Goldman Sachs, Google, Apple, Medtronic all have introduced meditation and mindfulness to their employees. 

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak”


As you may have already noticed, it’s hard to quiet the inner chatter, isn’t it ! It requires practice like anything else in life. 


Ok, let’s talk about how to create from silence. Are you struggling with your career, your relationship, money? Pick ONE aspect of your life that you want something different. 


You can ask a specific question to get clarity about your situation or the next steps and then sit in silence. Don’t start writing as yet. I usually sit anywhere b/w 1 -4 hours. Then at the end of it, start writing down what came to you. The key you may have already realized is making it a practice and patience.  


You don’t have 1-4 hours, that’s fine, start with ½ hour, 20 min, start with shutting everything out when you’re out walking in nature. Key is to do it. 

To dive further into learning how silence can serve you, listen to my podcast episode 


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