Therapy Can Keep You Stuck

Therapy can keep you stuck

Statistics show that over 40% of Americans have gone to therapy in their lifetime. And at least a third of the American population says they are open to trying therapy. 


As a licensed therapist, I’m obviously not against therapy, especially when you have significant trauma to work through. But for those who want to create significant, lasting change, therapy is not the answer. 


In fact, I believe that it will keep you stuck in your problems. 


You may or may not have already noticed that most people who are in therapy remain there for many, many years. The main reason for this is that the main job of therapy is to uncover the problem. But unless you clear the root cause behind your problem, sooner or later it will come back. 


You can see how this might keep a person stuck in their issues, can you not? 


I agree that people need to understand their stuckness before they can overcome it, and that talking about it is the first step. But therapy is just not comprehensive enough. 


You might not have noticed that traditional therapy practices rarely go deeper than understand where the problem comes from. 

These beliefs govern our thoughts which affect our everyday actions

But the problems, or stories that we tell ourselves, create beliefs that we hold about ourselves or others.


These beliefs govern our thoughts, which affect our everyday actions. Our actions then create more experiences and stories, which tend to reinforce the original beliefs we’ve been telling ourselves. 


It’s easy to see that by not going any deeper than the problem, it keeps us stuck in the cycle of the problem, is it not? 


As an Energy Alignment Coach, I know that understanding the problem alone does not work. 


Mindset alone doesn’t work. 


Healing alone doesn’t work.


Taking action alone does not work. 


You need all of it, working together, to create lasting change. 

The real transformation, the long lasting results, happen when you work on the root of the problem.

When I work with my private clients, I focus on all 3 aspects of healing: 


  1. Neuropsychology. We look at the brain patterns and disrupt the beliefs and thoughts 

  2. Energy healing. We go back to the root of the issues, and physically move that stuck, negative energy out of the body.

  3. Inner wisdom. We find ways to tap into the inner wisdom, and take aligned action to really empower and heal.  


I know it’s easy to want to stop at the surface and not go deeper into the heavy stuff, but I want you to see that the real transformation, the long lasting results, happen when you work on the root of the problem, clear away the energetic imprint it left and start to take aligned action.







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