3 Simple Ways to Remove Toxic Overload in Your Home

Are you a mom who’s concerned about the kind of toxic chemicals your family is exposed to? Do you get overwhelmed when you ask ‘Mr. Google’ to help you figure out which chemicals are welcome in your home and which ones aren’t? Are you thoroughly confused about where to start? 

Sister, I am with you! That used to be me. I am going to simplify the process and make it easy for you with just 3 simple things.

My Motivation

Despite being told that we might never have children due to our health history, I became pregnant with my son at 38.5 years old – naturally. We were ecstatic. This is the power of the human body – its ability to heal when given the right circumstances. I remember thinking that I can do this right for him. No chemicals had been in him or on him yet and I could do things right so that he didn’t have to go through what we were going through. 

The Research

I would look at the products and read the labels and get freaked out! Even if it said organic or all natural with these beautiful labels, the ingredients were horrific! The more research I did, the more alarmed I got. I didn’t know what products I could trust. It was incredibly scary to look at what was out there and how many ingredients we were using that were banned in other countries.

The more I researched, the more I realized that I was going to end up making a lot of these things instead of buying them. The more I researched, the more I realized that there were so many moms looking for something better – just like me. So, I knew that whatever I was looking at was going to be the most pristine products, from a company that I trusted, and it was going to be something that I would want to share with the many other moms out there looking for the same things.

I found that in Essential Oils, which we will talk about it a little later. Even though I had already been on the wellness journey, pregnancy is when I truly embarked 100%. I can’t wait to share all this info with you. It’s not that complicated.

3 Steps to Take

  1. Read labels. I have a blog post with the list of chemicals to avoid – read that, check it out. Two organizations that I would love for you to follow are www.EWG.org and Think Dirty app. Environmental Working Group is very good and the Think Dirty app can be used to scan items and it will rate them on the toxicity level. Simple things!
  2. If you’re using dryer sheets, candles, plug-ins – throw them out! Those cause so much toxic overload in your system. We are just being marketed to buy these fancy products to help with the smells of what we are cooking or a stinky room but these are not good for your system, you’re breathing that in, your body’s absorbing it – get rid of it! Next thing to throw out would be Windex, Clorox, bleach – move over to plant-based cleaners. Why? The skin is the largest organ and will absorb everything it comes in contact with. My recommendations are if you are using dryer sheets try wool balls – you can get them on Amazon – instead of candles try a diffuser with quality essential oils (I only recommend Young Living), for household cleaners use Thieves household cleaner – it’s made with pure essential oils. This is all that I use – make the switch! Your life will change – this one thing will replace every single thing and is good for the environment and good for your home!
  3. Mind – toxic thoughts are as toxic as the chemicals in your home. Dr. Emoto did experiments where he used the mind’s consciousness and showed that it can affect the molecules in water. Our body is made up of 80% water. What are toxic thoughts? They are negative thoughts, thoughts that make you feel terrible about yourself. How many of us beat the heck out of ourselves? Those are toxic thoughts. Those things have to be changed. I have two recommendations for you. The first is meditation or prayer. Five minutes a day, write positive affirmations, the moment you catch your mind going down the spiral of having negative thoughts – say something nice to yourself! If I find myself saying something like “that’s so stupid” or “how could you do that”, I ask myself – would I say this to my children? If I wouldn’t say it to my kids, why am I saying it to myself? If you can watch how you are talking to yourself, it can make a huge difference. The second piece is doing breathing exercises. Search for meditation and pranayama breathing techniques – those you can incorporate. There is an app called Calm app and people swear by it. It’s very simple, start to slowly purge your mind of the negative thoughts. We have a gazillion thoughts in a day so you can‘t control everything, but when you become aware of it, it’s our responsibility to shift out of it.