Want to Crush Anxiety Of Uncertainty? Do this one simple thing…..

Have you noticed how much anxiety is around us right now? If you notice, anxiety is often present because of uncertainty of the future, isn’t it? 


As humans, we are addicted to wanting to be in control and when things feel out of our control, this often creates anxiety. 


If you can relate, you’re not alone. I used to be quite the control freak. It’s a standing joke in my family on my need to read the end of a mystery novel first before I start a book. That’s quite the sign of control isn’t it? Not just that, if you’re an avid listener of my podcast, you would have heard me talk about how I used to be anxious for most of my life. Anxiety, fear are often connected with needing to be control. 


However, you may have already realized that control is an illusion and anxiety creates all kinds of mental and physical ailments, right?



So, how can you get rid of anxiety, and the need to be in control. In my podcast episode # 45-  “Do this one simple thing to crush anxiety of uncertainty”,  I share two important steps to dealing with control and anxiety. 


As you listen to the two steps,  you will also discover the one simple thing that will crush anxiety of uncertainty AND it might actually surprise you. I was debating whether to share what the ONE simple thing is. As you may have already guessed, the one simple thing is not in isolation is it? So, sharing it without the context will not help you, right.


So, I invite you to listen to the episode right now, take a screenshot, and share your takeaways with me on Instagram


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