What Is Your Life Purpose?

If you’re part of my network, I bet you have thought about this question. How can I say that with conviction that you have thought about this? It’s simple. The fact that you have opted to read my content tells me that we are already a vibrational match. You will not resonate with what I write if we are not operating on the same wavelength. That is how I know that you have thought about this question.  


You think about how you can create a larger impact on this planet. The path may not be clear, but I know you think about these things. This is one of the reasons I decided to write about this. 


I used to think about this all the time. I used to wait for some clear sign from the Universe that I was living my life’s purpose. But guess what, that sign never arrived. If anything, I was more confused than ever. 


Doing this transformational work on myself, I discovered that my life purpose was connected to my top value – Being of Service.  Service is a top value for me, now you may already know that about me if you have followed me. 


I was so focused on what was the purpose of my life that I missed the most important thing – that it didn’t matter what I was doing . As long as I was evolving and helping others evolve, I was living my life’s purpose. It didn’t matter if I was assisting my coaching clients, my kids or the person at the checkout counter. As long as I held that intention of evolution, I was on the right path. 


I am sharing this with you as some of you might be struggling with knowing if you are living your life’s purpose through your current job. When you can just focus on the fact that you’re here to evolve and help others evolve, it changes everything, does it not? 


If you’re struggling with finding your life purpose, please set up a 60 min transformational session with me so I can assist you. 


I invite you to share your takeaways with me after sitting with what I have shared above. 


I thank you for allowing me to serve you and live my dharma in the process








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