What To Do When Life Gives You A Difficult Situation?

Have you fully realized that nothing has meaning other than the meaning we give it. Let me explain by giving you a personal example. The other day, a stranger yelled at my 4 year old daughter. I have gone into the details of what exactly happened in my latest podcast episode Ep 66 – Can The Meaning You Assign Have The Power To Create Success?

In the past, I might have ruminated over it, felt like I didn’t protect her or felt guilty about it. To be transparent, I did feel all of those, but it was very short lived. Like you, I am also on this path of working on myself. Every experience in life is a life lesson, is it not? There’s always something to learn, something to let go, something to gain. This experience was no different. 


My learning was exactly where I started with writing this- nothing has meaning other than the meaning we give it. It was an opportunity to be more of an observer and use that as an opportunity to talk to my daughter because she did add the meaning that she did something wrong ( yes, conditioning starts very young) It’s too long a story to go in here, I invite you to listen to the episode to know what happened. 


Basically, I could have gone down the rabbit hole of anger, guilt, shame but I chose to let it pass like teflon. I chose to not add any meaning because the meaning would have just been an interpretation. Interpretations can be dangerous if they are not serving you. 


So, let me ask you – what meaning do you add when someone cuts you off on the road, or if someone speaks to you rudely or if you don’t get that promotion? You can apply this to anything right? 


Now, why is paying attention to this important? 


If whatever meaning you add doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, or creates self doubt, then it is going to mis-create in your life. For instance, if I had harbored anger, annoyance towards that person who yelled at my daughter or if I felt guilty or was angry at myself for not protecting her, think about the ripple effects of that. 


What vibration am I operating from? You may already know that thoughts create emotions, emotions create vibrations and vibrations create frequency. And that frequency is like a magnet, it attracts further life experiences into our life. If I had chosen to be in anger then that is what I would be putting out into the world. 


Now, I am not asking you to be a doormat. I am inviting you to look at the energy behind any interactions you have. That is the most important part, in my opinion. 


The takeaway for you is to observe what meaning you attach to things in your life and to ask yourself whether this is an interpretation or a fact. You may be surprised to see that other than a few things ( like the sun rises in the East or it is raining ) , everything is just an interpretation. And finally, you have the ability to choose the interpretation that best serves you. 


Share with me how you have applied this to your life.