Why Are Daily Practices Important?

How are you? How is your summer coming along? I don’t know about you, but I notice that not having a routine and structure is freeing and it throws me off at the same time. These habits keep me sane and can also make me feel caged at times. 


Can you relate?


However, I am stickler for certain habits. Some of my habits are non negotiable as they help keep me on track, basically they help me evolve. 


You may or may not realize that you’re nothing but your habits. Now, have you fully considered that even your emotions are just habits. It’s how our brain is wired. If you have followed me for some amount of time, you may have heard me talk about neural pathways. Yes, these habits reinforce the neural pathways in our brain, whether these are ‘good habits’ or ‘bad habits’.


I used to get into overwhelm and worry, till I realized that they are just brain habits. Like with any habit, I need to unlearn this and re-learn a different way of being. This is one of the primary things I teach my clients. I help them discover tools that help them step out of these habits that are no longer serving them. 


After working with me, many of my clients say that they don’t recognize the person they used to be. Not only that, they also tell me how amazing it is to teach their children a different way of BEing and living life. 


It all starts with brain habits. When you commit to a habit that is serving you, you will start to build neural pathways that will help you create the life you desire. 


Let me ask you this, what habits that you currently have are serving you and what habits are not? Do you have a habit of negative self talk? Do you have a habit of celebrating your wins everyday? Do you have a habit of exercising, or meditating?


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Share with me by DM’ing me on Instagram, your non negotiable habits that you’re committing to. 


So grateful to be connected with you here



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