Will another certification make you more money?

Many people believe that another certification, another degree will make you more money. Or like one of my clients said to me in one of our sessions “I don’t have a degree, so I can’t make the kind of money I want”.

In this newsletter, you will discover that having a degree or certification has nothing to do with the money you bring in.

Have you fully realized that It’s not really a matter of certifications or degrees that will bring the money in, it’s a matter of self-worth.

Let me explain – if degrees, certifications all bought you the money, wouldn’t you already be where you wanted to be. Think about it. The ave Psychologist from Harvard makes what $300,000 a year whereas Dr. Phill, the TV show host is worth over $400 Million Dollars.

You may already know that Steve Jobs never finished college. These two are great examples for you to see that making money has nothing to do with degrees and certifications.

If you’re seeking degrees and certifications because it will bring you more money, think again. If Steve Jobs had stopped himself because he didn’t have a college degree, where would Apple be?

So, are you realizing by now that it’s not really a matter of degrees or certification, it’s really a matter of valuing yourself and how confident you feel about your expertise.

Where will you be a few years from now if you continue holding yourself back because you don’t have that degree? Look, I am not saying don’t improve your knowledge. I invest a ton in acquiring knowledge, but I am inviting you to consider what’s driving the need to get that certification.

Will that really help you get that promotion or make you money? I am talking to those of you who hold back thinking that you need that next certification in order to level up in your career.

Here’s what I am inviting you to do.

  1. Dig deep into what beliefs you have. An easy way is to look in the mirror. Are you making the money you want? If not, what’s holding you back

  2. Do you value yourself? Do you think you have something that the world needs? Then you have an ethical obligation to promote yourself whether you have the degree or not.

  3. What part of you thinks you need that certification to get that promotion or raise in salary? Did deep into that. You will uncover energetic imprints from the past that are still holding you back. For example: For a client of mine, it was a 13 year old part of her. She grew up in poverty where she was constantly told that the ticket to freedom was college and more. I am not going to cover that right now, but clearing this will help move you forward.

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