Working hard will NOT get you the results you’re looking for

Work hard, the results of money and fame will come eventually –  they said 


Really !!! I say with my eyes rolling…..


As you read this article, you might find yourself agreeing or getting triggered. In either case, think about it some more with an open mind as what I am sharing here has the possibility of  changing your career


If you’re the type of person who thinks working hard will get you the money, the fame, the successful company that you’re striving for, think again !!!  If hard work and working long hours was all that it took, you would already be there wouldn’t you !!!


If you’re like me, then you probably have heard  messages like this “ work hard” “ do more” “ never give up”, haven’t you ??


If that doesn’t make you crash and burn before you reach your goals then the exhaustion of working hard will definitely not allow you to enjoy the house, the car, the luxury that you worked for. 





The solution is a phrase you may have already heard before “Slow down to speed up”


I suggested that to someone recently in a women entrepreneurial group because she was complaining about how stressed out she was with all the things that she had to do. She immediately lashed back saying that if only I knew how much she had on her plate. 


Her reaction is not uncommon. That’s how 98% of the people think. 


However, that’s not how the 2% of extraordinarily successful people think. 


I read this a long time ago and it’s applicable here….


Why do you think Steve Jobs advised Mark Zuckerberg to visit the temple of Neem Karoli Baba just like he had when FB was struggling? Why did Mark Zuckerberg take a month off to do just that? Where is FB now? 


Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg both slowed down to sprint ahead, didn’t they !!!

Yes, you’ll find many amazing thought leaders advocating the same. 


Here’s my invitation to you. You can continue to be the 98 % or be the 2 % who does things differently. What will you choose? 


If you continue being the 98% people,  you will continue to live a mediocre life. Now, have you fully considered the consequence of living a mediocre life? You might as well say bye to the freedom that you seek. Remember that mediocre people get mediocre results because their mediocre habits keep them trapped in their mediocre world. 


Oh !!! That’s a lot of mediocre in one sentence LOL. It almost rhymes doesn’t it !!


Are you realizing already how you have to think outside the box to get the results you want? The answers may lie in outsourcing, or changing course when you’re feeling stuck but the answers will not come until you slow down. 


So, what will you choose, slowing down or continuing on the hamster wheel that you’re on. 


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