Your Beliefs Have Kept You Trapped And You Don’t Even Know It

How are you? You may or may not realize that your life is just a bunch of beliefs that you have bought into. Stay with me…. If you have what you want, then your beliefs support that external reality. And the opposite is true as well. We start forming beliefs about the world at a very young age. 


I was coaching a client the other day who has a belief that it is hard to make friends. You see, her belief is true for her because that is what her experiences have taught her. If you speak to my son who is a mega extravert, he will say it is very easy to make friends, as that is his experience of life. There are no right or wrong beliefs, they just are. 


What I am inviting you to look at is are your beliefs helping you, serving you or are they making you dissatisfied in life. For instance, if you have a belief that money is hard to make ( and that has been your experience ), consider for a minute how that makes you feel. Then imagine what your life would look like if you had a different belief about money. 


Are you now noticing how you have a belief and then you look for evidence that the belief is real, basically matching your model of the world with that of your belief?  In other words, We try to fit our model of reality with our beliefs. It’s not the other way around. You have a belief and then you fit your life into that belief system. 


Wondering how to change your beliefs?


The first step is awareness and willingness to examine if the belief is serving you or not. Beliefs are nothing but stories and if the story is not working for you or making you feel ‘bad’, then time to change that story, is it not?


Time to either create a new belief or at least come to a neutral place.


To dive deeper into this, I invite you to listen to my latest podcast episode Ep 69 – Your beliefs have kept you trapped and you don’t even know it.


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