Your career will soar when you focus on health

In this article you will discover how specifically focusing on your health can impact your career growth. 

I will be sharing 3 tips at the end, so I invite you to read till the end. I will also be posing questions through the article so if you want to make strides, then make sure to write down the answers to these questions… 


Remember, how we do one thing is how we do everything. So, if you find yourself skimming through the article saying “yes, I get it” but don’t take the time to really write and ponder upon the questions, it’s giving you information on how you operate in life, isn’t it !!!


Ok, read on now…..


I worked with a client who wanted to uplevel his career. He also shared with me that he hadn’t been taking care of his health and was not in the best shape. 



I totally got that, but my question to him was “Where do you think your career will be in 6 months, in 1 year when you’re struggling just walking up the stairs”. 


Let me tell you this – someone who is constantly tired, or unable to focus or sick will not be the first person who comes to mind when it comes to a promotion, correct? 


Some of you might feel like you don’t have time for exercise. You are balancing a family, work and this damn pandemic. I totally get it. 


But let me ask you – Have you fully realized the impact of not taking care of your mind and body? 


I am sure there have been times in your life where you prioritized health and were in good shape. Now answer these…

  • How did you show up then? 
  • How did you feel about yourself? 
  • When you have energy, focus and confidence, where was your career? 
  • Did you feel like you could do anything that you wanted? 


Now, look at your life now and answer these questions…

  • Is your health where you want it to be? 
  • Are you fatigued, are you tired all the time, is your mind in a fog? 
  • If the answer is yes, how is your performance at work ?


I rest my case, There’s your answer.



If you want a successful career, you have to prioritize your health. Your emotional and physical wellbeing have to come first. You cannot create a successful career with a broken body. 


Here are my 3 tips on how to prioritize health so you can achieve your career goals.

  1. Commitment – Knowing that focusing on creating a healthy body will also help you skyrocket your career, then are you willing to commit to your health? It’s not when everything is going well and you can squeeze it into your schedule. It’s doing it even on those days that you said you would.

Do olympic medalists ever say, “hmm I don’t feel like it today. I am not going to train”.

Yes, imagine where your life will be when you bring that level of commitment to your health and career. 


  1. Make taking care of you #1 priority – This means your health is non negotiable.. Have you noticed that by the end of Jan, most gyms are quite empty. This is because you can wish for good health but you need commitment, habit and identity to make it happen.

Who do you want to be “ quitter or the committed person who makes personal care the priority”  You may already realize that if you don’t have a healthy body, a career cannot exist. 


  1. Beliefs – What beliefs are getting in the way of making you a priority and staying committed to it? This is vital because often these beliefs are unconscious. It may come out in the form of excuses, limitations . Anytime you say “ I can’t, it’s not possible, it is hard…;’s a limiting belief. 

My favorite way to discern whether it’s a limiting belief is to ask if someone that I admire and look up to you would feel this way. For instance, “ would oprah think this way or would steve jobs have thought this way. 


It’s as simple and complicated as that. Make your mental and physical health your priority and watch your career soar. Share this with your community. Tag me on instagram with your takeaways.