Toxic Overload in Our Home

3 Simple Ways to Remove Toxic Overload in Your Home Are you a mom who’s concerned about the kind of toxic chemicals your family is exposed to? Do you get overwhelmed when you ask ‘Mr. Google’ to help you figure out which chemicals are welcome in your home and which ones aren’t? Are you thoroughly […]

Chemicals to Kick to the Curb

The chemicals you need to kick to the curb and why! I went into a long rant on YouTube about how marketers and companies are brilliant in not being entirely transparent about the ingredients used. QUESTION everything please. This is my only request to you! In my video, I also talked about the connection between […]

Radical Transformation

One radical transformation is the topic for today. This is for you if you are feeling stuck in any one area of your life, or maybe more than one. Maybe it is a relationship, your health, your business…If any of this is something you are struggling with, you may be in need for a transformation! […]

What to Avoid in Sunscreen

Sunscreen used to scare me more than the sun. After our family history of health issues and my hubs’ cancer history, if it is inedible, I refuse to put it on our skin…. But sunburn is real. This photo was taken last year when Anay got sunburned in the car (we were not even outside) […]

Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Energy, Digestive Issues – Gut Health Baby!!!!

Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Energy, Digestive Issues – Gut Health Baby!!!! “All diseases begin in the gut” ~ Hippocrates Ever felt nauseous before a presentation? Butterflies before going on a date? These terms exist for a reason. The GI tract is sensitive to emotions. My autoimmune disease, which was gut related largely, was triggered due […]

What I Learned from FAILING my Business Goals

Are you a goal setter? I am a list maker and a goal setter. I apply this to all areas of my life. I tend to make very big goals, and I don’t always make those goals. Before I write a post or make a video, I ask myself, “How will this help someone?” Sometimes […]

2 Common Mistakes that are Holding You Back from Your DREAMS

2 Common Mistakes that are Holding You Back from Your DREAMS What holds people back from living the life of their dreams, and HOW do I know this? ME! I have been there and I have gotten through it, and I am doing it everyday! What is it you are wanting? More money? Your own business? […]

Are you squashing your dreams?

I heard a scream from the bathroom. I saw my tiny 2 year perched up on the potty hanging by a piece of thread. She had decided that she wanted to use the big potty. She didn’t question ‘why’ and ‘how’ she was going to do what she wants. She just did. Here is the […]

Happy Guac for Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!! Did you know you can cook with Young Living essential oils? Try this super fun guac recipe! Ingredients 2 avocados 2 drops Citrus Fresh™ Vitality 1 drop Lime Vitality 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice 1 clove garlic, minced 2 tablespoons chopped red onion 1–2 Roma tomatoes, seeded and diced 1 tablespoon […]

Young Living

I wanted to share my experiences about Young Living after going to their convention last week. This is going to be a two part series as it is too long to put into one post. To be honest, even though I had been using their oils and oil infused products for the past 2 years […]