Episode 18. Your self image is a choice – 3 steps to change it

You may or may not see self image as a choice, but in either case, whatever you do, If you want to ‘succeed’ in life, make sure to tune into this whole episode.  Keep your journal handy as you will find yourself taking a ton of notes. I am going to share with you the […]

Are you Tired of Feeling Disconnect in Your Relationship?

disconnect in your relationship, couple on couch sitting apart, upset, frustrated

Are you Tired of Feeling Disconnected from your Partner? Well, we wrapped up my relationship bootcamp a little over a week ago and the outpouring of love and the transformations that happened were amazing!  But, during that training I noticed something really important.  There are a lot of people who desire to connect. But, their […]

8 Habits that can Destroy Your Relationship

8 Habits that can Destroy Your Relationship

8 Habits that Can Destroy Your Relationship I’ve noticed that there are certain patterns in communication. The patterns cause a breakdown in communication and create a disconnect in the relationship. These patterns become habits that can destroy your relationship. They come from beliefs or stories that we’ve told ourselves from our past relationships and they […]

Therapy Can Keep You Stuck

Therapy can keep you stuck

Therapy Can Keep You Stuck Statistics show that over 40% of Americans have gone to therapy in their lifetime. And at least a third of the American population says they are open to trying therapy.  As a licensed therapist, I’m obviously not against therapy, especially when you have significant trauma to work through. But for […]