Are you Tired of Feeling Disconnect in Your Relationship?

disconnect in your relationship, couple on couch sitting apart, upset, frustrated

Are you Tired of Feeling Disconnected from your Partner? Well, we wrapped up my relationship bootcamp a little over a week ago and the outpouring of love and the transformations that happened were amazing!  But, during that training I noticed something really important.  There are a lot of people who desire to connect. But, their […]

Did Your Partner Let You Down on Mother’s Day?


Did Your Partner Let You Down on Mother’s Day? Did your Mother’s Day end in disappointment? Were you expecting your partner to spearhead celebrating you and honoring your contributions? Maybe you’ve been working a lot, shouldering all the household responsibilities, taking care of the children and were hoping to be acknowledged on your special day? […]

Episode 7: Worry to Calm

worry to calm

Does worry consume you?  Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, it may seem like that’s all we do.  In this episode I’ll show you 3 ways to help conquer your worry and teach you that YOU are the creator of your life. Tag me on insta @padmaali to share your ah ha’s!!! More Episodes