Episode 2: How to create your vibrant life

If you want to learn how to create the life you desire no matter what the circumstances are, then this episode is for you. I dive into the 2 types of people I encounter, the one who sees any circumstances as an opportunity for growth ( The New You) and the other who gets bogged […]

Episode 1: Create your vibrant life

Are you ready for a different way of life where you can have what you want without having to sign off your first born? In this episode, you get a glimpse of what you can get from subscribing to this podcast and little about me. In this episode, your biggest take away is ” What […]

How To Honor Your Fear Without Living In It

How To Honor Your Fear Without Living In It No matter where you look, there’s fear. Whether you watch the news or just spend some time checking your social media, I’m sure you’re also seeing a lot of fear, nervousness and uncertainty. I know that as an empath, I definitely feel what others are feeling. […]

Chemicals to Kick to the Curb

The chemicals you need to kick to the curb and why! I went into a long rant on YouTube about how marketers and companies are brilliant in not being entirely transparent about the ingredients used. QUESTION everything please. This is my only request to you! In my video, I also talked about the connection between […]