Are you Tired of Feeling Disconnect in Your Relationship?

disconnect in your relationship, couple on couch sitting apart, upset, frustrated

Are you Tired of Feeling Disconnected from your Partner? Well, we wrapped up my relationship bootcamp a little over a week ago and the outpouring of love and the transformations that happened were amazing!  But, during that training I noticed something really important.  There are a lot of people who desire to connect. But, their […]

The Biggest Reason Why Couples Fight & How to Work with it

couple fighting

The Biggest Reason Why Couples Fight & How to Work with it Do you know the biggest reason why couples fight? And no, it’s not money or sex. It’s chores! Research has shown that 50% of fights between couples who have kindergarten age children are about chores! And, if you have kids and you’re in […]

Being Nice is Causing Damage in Your Romantic Relationship

Being nice is destroying your romantic relationship

Being Nice is Destroying Your Romantic Relationship Most people think that you have to be nice to keep your relationship going. They don’t want to cause disharmony or deal with their partner’s anger or annoyance. Here’s the truth – being nice, at the expense of not speaking your needs, is actually killing your relationship. Worrying […]