I started using the oils right after my son was born. In retrospect I wish I had started it during pregnancy and during child birth as well. Like I had mentioned, my friend Naomi was the one who introduced me to Young Living essential oils. For some reason, when I was pregnant and would smell them on her or when she made me try  a few, It would make me feel nauseous and give me a head ache. So, I actually thought, these are not for me. In retrospect and after doing research, I found out that I probably needed to have gone slow with it and should have diluted them a lot before using them. And that when there is a reaction, it actually means that your body might be needing it but it might be too much. Anyways, if there is a second time, I will do that.

When he was 3.5 months old, because of the severe winter in the New England area, he fell sick and he was having a hard time breathing well as his nose seemed blocked. Since this was the first time that he was falling sick, I was naturally concerned especially as a new anxious mother.  I turned to my new best friend – Essential oils and started researching the best ones to put on him.


I made a mixture using 2 drops R.C, Thieves, Frankincense, Purification, and Lavender oils. I then mixed it with a carrier oil. I used coconut oil as a carrier oil and applied it on his feet at every diaper change. I also applied some diluted Eucalyptus oil to chest and back to help him breathe better. I started diffusing Thieves and Lemon oils for 30 minutes every few hours. It really supported his immune system and encouraged proper nasal function. If I had any doubts in regards to EO’s, it was gone after this experience.

Since then, for the past 17 monthsI have had countless experiences with regards to using these oils for day to day use with him and our whole family. I have also introduced it to my mom and dad and they are also actively using them on a daily basis.

As a precaution, I always dilute Essential OIls when using on babies. You can always try it on you first to see how it feels before you apply it.

Have you used Essential OIls while pregnant or on your babies? If so, please do share your experience.


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